The capital of Gabon: map, photo. What is the capital of Gabon?

Libreville - Gabon's capital

Libreville - Gabon's capital

Libreville, capital of Gabon, was the main citythe country not so long ago, in 1960. During this time he significantly expanded its borders, improved infrastructure. It is also noted population growth, today the number of inhabitants has reached nearly 800 thousand people, and continues to increase.

History: Facts and Legends

The results of archaeological excavations in the bordersmodern Libreville indicate that long before the French colonialists people lived on these lands. They were representatives of an African tribe with an amazing name Mpongve.

Then, in the first half of the XIX century on thearea were French colonists. But, according to legend, the city foundation is not connected with the Europeans and with black slaves, who were released from the ship, took them to America, not far from Loango.

These rescued slaves and established a settlement onsite of the modern Libreville, whose name is translated from the French word for word - "free town." Until 1946, he was the main port of Equatorial Africa, under the French protectorate, got the deserved capital status in 1960.

Cultural entertainment Libreville

The city itself can become a place of amazingdiscoveries, if properly choose the route of movement and objects for a closer acquaintance. Tourist brochures give descriptions of the most famous monuments of architecture of Libreville. Among the main attractions of the capital of Gabon noted:

  • French Cultural Center, which collected the spiritual heritage of the first colonists;
  • St. Mary's Cathedral, hitting its interiors;
  • Church Saint-Michel (or St. Michael) with a magnificent chorus, listen to performances which is going to a lot of local residents and visitors;
  • The National Museum, the highlight of the collections which were ritual masks of local peoples.

Relax on the beach

One of the best beaches of Gabon is located close to the capital, it is the proximity to the epicenter of human society provides a constant flow of tourists.

On the one hand, the beach is a Point-Denisa classic example of an exotic vacation spot with all its constituents, such as white sand, rolled on the shore of the sea waves and the wind gently swaying palm trees. But, on the other hand, there is a more interesting and fun than the simple contemplation of seascapes. In close proximity to the beach is Pongara National Park.

In the park you can meet with other representatives of the world of plants, except for the palms. In addition, the Coast beach was chosen by leatherback turtles, which impress with their great size.


  • Libreville - Gabon's capital
  • Libreville - Gabon's capital
  • Libreville - Gabon's capital

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