Mozambique Capital: card photo. What is the capital of Mozambique?

Maputo - Mozambique's capital

Maputo - Mozambique's capital

Many countries of the Black Continent had muchsurvive on the path to independence, but the twentieth century bears the troubles, the problems of war. Maputo, capital of Mozambique, was once one of the most beautiful cities in Africa. Now, after the hostilities, which lasted for twenty years, she is just starting to revive. Although there are all prerequisites for the organization of leisure at the highest level, including: ocean coast, beaches and coral reefs, mysterious, excellent climate and weather, friendly locals.

Delicious Mozambique

Maputo Restaurants offer tourists the besta variety of dishes. Very popular are, of course, fish, shellfish and other seafood delicacies. It should get round a little roadside cafe, which can not boast of fresh products, special care should be taken when choosing meat. , But it is impossible to refuse from the delicious cashew nuts, roasted with salt or without it.

Cultural Map Maputo

Travel Mozambique capital can bring a lot of fun and high-quality photos, because in the city survived and architectural monuments of the past, there are some amazing places of worship.

Local museums hold many artifacts,telling about the past and present day Mozambique, its history, nature, people. In the list of the most important institutions, which keep the monuments of the past, it may be noted:

  • Museum of Natural History;
  • Military Museum, located on the territory of the ancient fort;
  • National Museum of Art;
  • Museum of the Revolution.

In addition to unique museum objects stored infunds and presented in exhibitions, interesting museums and the buildings themselves. For example, a historical museum built in the Gothic style of the medieval Portugal, under the exposure of the War Museum have adapted really existed local fort.

One of the oldest buildings in the city set aside forCentral market. It existed here long, just a wooden structure replaced a hundred years ago a beautiful stone building. Some tourists claim that a similar architectural structure already exists on the planet, the so-called Aster Hall, located in Hamburg, and in Maputo is very well made copy.

The colonial architecture of the capital of Mozambiqueorganically intertwined with the native African. Such a mixture of styles and trends that looks unusual, but harmonious, characteristic not only of Maputo and the capitals of neighboring countries.


  • Maputo - Mozambique's capital
  • Maputo - Mozambique's capital
  • Maputo - Mozambique's capital

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