The capital of Papua New Guinea: a map, photo. What is the capital of Papua New Guinea?

Port Moresby - the capital of Papua New Guinea

Port Moresby - the capital of Papua New Guinea

Many cities in the world have a special attractionin the eyes of visitors only because of the fact that are located on the coast. From the same company and the capital of Papua - New Guinea, one of the states located in the Pacific Ocean, more precisely in the south-western part.

The name of the main city of the country reflects itscore mission, Port Moresby - is not only an economic and cultural center, and the port that connects the various island states, receives ships from all over the world.

History of the name, and just a story

The toponym clearly hear the English notes,Indeed, at the core - the name of one of the British sailors who landed on the territory of New Guinea in 1873. Exploring the area, he found a very pretty bay and decided to name it in honor of his father, the legendary Fairfax Moresby, Admiral.

Very soon the city came here, namedBay, Port Moresby. Since 1884 settlement with the south-eastern territories of New Guinea was a part of the British colony. Then, in the early twentieth century, the lands were transferred to Australia, and in 1975, Papua - New Guinea became independent.

The center of cultural life

Surprisingly, in the capital preserved historiccenter, it is located on a peninsula that protrudes far into the sea. Given this favorable geographical location, it is chosen the first inhabitants of these places to life.

At the tip of the peninsula is locatedThe highest point - Paga Hill, from the top you have a nice beautiful views of the city at a glance. If you look to the north, you can see the huge port, the main source of life in the city. In the southern part of the coast stretches a beautiful park Ella Beach.

Tour of the old town begins, naturally, with the center, where the buildings are preserved, built in the XIX century. The main tourist attractions are:

  • Ella church, a masterpiece of architecture, which appeared on a map in 1890;
  • St. John's Cathedral, a place of pilgrimage for Catholics;
  • Moruata house, an interesting architectural object.

From buildings of modern architects attractsthe attention of tourists a huge sports complex. It was erected in 1991, and especially for the South Pacific Games, the biggest competition in this region of the planet.

But the most interesting development for the majority ofGuest becomes an excursion to the natural park, which is located here in the capital. Here is a rich flora of the region, some orchids are more than 3000 species.


  • Port Moresby - the capital of Papua New Guinea
  • Port Moresby - the capital of Papua New Guinea
  • Port Moresby - the capital of Papua New Guinea

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