The capital of St. Lucia: map, photo. What is the capital of St. Lucia?

Castries - St. Lucia's capital

Castries - St. Lucia's capital

Who does not dream to go to distant exoticisland, enjoy pink sunsets and azure ocean descend into the realm of Neptune and wander through the rainforest. All this can be done in the vicinity of Castries. The capital of St. Lucia is ready to provide the highest level of rest, however, and the cost it will be appropriate.

Saint Lucia - this country, and the island, and Bluethe dream of many travelers. Deceived a great location - the Caribbean Sea on one side, the Atlantic Ocean on the other, elegant nature of the tropics, upmarket beach holiday and fashionable SPA-centers.

Life in the capital

From a geographical point of view, too, Castriesconvenient location, it occupies the peninsula Vaga near Port Castries Bay. By the way, there is a variant pronunciation of the name of the capital with the letter "s" at the end.

Interestingly the appearance of the name of the mainthe city of Saint Lucia, the place-name matches the name of the Marquis de Castries, who was Minister of Marine, and at the time found the means for the great expedition of La Perouse, who made a lot of geographical discoveries.

In the capital - with a breeze!

Castries, there are various types of publicand private transport, but the most popular is the taxi, which can be stopped on the street or ordered from the hotel. In this case the main thing - to agree on a price beforehand, so as not to get a culture shock.

On the island you can walk on the exoticbuses, the interiors of which are richly decorated, also during a trip, you can get acquainted with the local popular tunes. To travel around the country, it is better to rent one or the other mode of transport, the most popular among tourists are: for the city - passenger cars, in the surrounding area - SUV; scooters or motorcycles - but only for experienced drivers.

Another exotic form of transport in the country - a water taxi, you can use it to travel along the coast or out to sea on a sightseeing tour.

Best of the rest

The closest beach to the capital is called the Whigs,it surprises visitors white sand, as well as being close to his "brothers." Particularly pleased with the guests that the beach is public and free entry to them.

The second popular entertainment in Castries - itshopping, where you can find shops in the harbor or near it, where there are no taxes on the goods. Jeremy stock market offers souvenirs for relatives and interesting work of local artisans, jewelry, best gourmet gift - Caribbean rum.


  • Castries - St. Lucia's capital
  • Castries - St. Lucia's capital

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