The capital of Sierra Leone map, photo. What is the capital of Sierra Leone?

Freetown - the capital of Sierra Leone

Freetown - the capital of Sierra Leone

Interesting name is the capital of Sierra Leone -Freetown, it is translated to English as "free city." Unfortunately, the background of the birth of a new place name on the world map, on the one hand, it is very sad, on the other - is symbolic. Once in place the existence of a modern urban quarters was the world's largest market, where the main product - the people, slaves who were exported to the countries of the New World to work on plantations.

History of founding of Freetown

The symbolism of visiting the city with the same nameIt lies in the fact that it is here returned former slaves, the first 400 liberated blacks. They were freed because fought on the British side in the struggle for independence. Fighting for the freedom of others, and they have achieved their liberation.

The official date of foundation of the city - 11 March 1792of the year. Further population growth was due to the same released to freedom of slaves. Most of the new arrivals previously lived in Jamaica, then as live goods were sent to numerous English colonies were located in the Caribbean Sea. After his release, they returned to their hearth and home, and went in search of a better life - Freetown.

Freetown today

City quite dynamically developing, growing andthe number of its inhabitants (close to a million). Still in Freetown inhabited by people of many nationalities, including the descendants of immigrants from North Africa, particularly from Lebanon. The same is colorful and religious world of this modern metropolis. There are followers of the world's religions, including Muslims, Christians, followers of local religions.

Unfortunately for travelers from other countriesthe capital of Sierra Leone is an unattractive city as tourist infrastructure is poorly developed, for many goods inflated prices. Special attractions, witnesses of ancient history on the city map to find, among the most interesting are the following:

Main attractions - are monuments dedicated to freed slaves and the base of the city. The main character - reconciliation Tree, which recalls the date of the founding of the capital.

Another interesting tourist destination - soRoyal called the gate, they were built of stone and have a symbolic inscription. She says that coming through this gate slave becomes a free man.


  • Freetown - the capital of Sierra Leone
  • Freetown - the capital of Sierra Leone
  • Freetown - the capital of Sierra Leone

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