The capital of South Sudan: map, photo. What is the capital of South Sudan?

Juba - the capital of Southern Sudan

Juba - the capital of Southern Sudan

Among the states of North Africa, there are countries withgood infrastructure, a comfortable resort areas and high level of service. But you can find a few hapless areas that make the first steps to the benefits of civilization. This clearly demonstrates Juba, capital of South Sudan, the truth, and have enough problems here.

The history of the terrain

Historians are silent about whether ancientthe inhabitants of these lands, as the archaeological site is almost not conducted due to the difficult political and economic situation. We only know that in the XIX century here a trading post was established and the so-called mission, which had an interesting name - Gondkoro.

The political map of the terrain is constantlyredrawn, and took part not only local leaders, but many world powers. For example, Britain is planning to unite Uganda and southern Sudan. These plans were not destined to be realized, but united North and South Sudan in 1947. Hostilities continued, and later on as a result of modern political map there and just Sudan and South Sudan.

Shift leader

At the moment the question of what kind ofthe city will be the new capital of South Sudan, has not been settled. In 2011, the government planned to transfer government buildings and institutions in Ramciel.

The problem has not been solved so far, sincethe economic crisis and civil war are more important issues requiring solutions than placing the cabinet. In addition, extra funding for large-scale construction of the state does not.

Travel to the country of gazelles

Tourist services in the country in its infancystate, its development prevented the civil war. Rare travelers, who crossed the border of South Sudan, chose for himself the other, non-capital attractions, such as visiting the Boma National Park. It is located on the border with Ethiopia, from which the park is located Gambella. Experts of the two countries are conducting studies of local fauna, are engaged in the protection of rare animals and birds that live here.

Park Bom was founded in 1986, the mainterritory it - it's savannah and floodplains, and the principal inhabitants were: belouhie Koba; gazelle mongalla ;. zebras;. giraffe and oryx. Also, this park is an important area of ​​habitat for many birds, the most interesting of them African vulture and serpent eagle.


  • Juba - the capital of Southern Sudan
  • Juba - the capital of Southern Sudan

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