Sudan Capital: card photo. What is the capital of Sudan?

Khartoum - the capital of Sudan

Khartoum - the capital of Sudan

Many cities of the planet are in suchbeautiful places, even if they did not have any other sites, some of the landscape would already be enough to cause the admiration of many visitors. Khartoum, capital of Sudan - one of those lucky ones, because is located at the confluence of the White Nile and the Blue Nile.

While on the other hand, in a hotel thereBeautiful architecture and historical monuments, and museums that store important artifacts of the country. And Khartoum has a unique flavor, even describing it in tourist brochures resemble oriental fairy tale.

Omdurman - the magic of the East

Perhaps the title of this part of the Sudanese capitalIt does not sound very appealing to our ears. But it is the most colorful and vibrant area of ​​the city, it houses and administrative buildings, and homes. Moreover, they are built in typical Arabic style: streets very close and winding, houses directly adjacent to each other, inviting to walk into a mysterious past. Amazing souvenirs can be found in small shops, as well as to get acquainted with local craftsmen and art masterpieces made in the traditional style.

If you look closely at the map of Khartoum, theyou can see that the central part of the capital is located along the Blue Nile. At this point home to the Sudanese political elite, placed ministries, various departments and the Palace of the Republic.

Attractions Sudan capital

All guidebooks offer to look for themOutside the city, although the Khartoum many interesting architectural structures, buildings and monuments, but not much different from those in neighboring African countries and cities. But in the vicinity of Khartoum, in fact, you can see the unique monuments of ancient culture: Napata the royal tombs and the temple of Amun, or rather the ruins of the magnificent architectural complex.

Napata - the capital of one of the ancient Africankingdoms formed by the Assyrians after the capture of its Egypt. At the end of the VI century BC the function of the capital moved to another city, Napata remained the religious center where the priests lived, to elect new kings. At this point, and the coronation took place, that is, to bring to power, the kings found here and the place of final resting.

Temple of Amon found the German archaeologists nowyou can see the remains of the walls and columns, purified by column sand. The most valuable scientists believe the altar of Amon, which preserved writings and drawings. Now, this unique exhibit for the purpose of preservation was transported to Germany, in the temple presented a copy.


  • Khartoum - the capital of Sudan
  • Khartoum - the capital of Sudan
  • Khartoum - the capital of Sudan

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