The capital of Tuvalu card photo. What is the capital of Tuvalu?

Funafuti - the capital of Tuvalu

Funafuti - the capital of Tuvalu

On this planet are so many wonderful places that,if you ask for them all to see, the one human life is clearly not enough. The same Polynesia, with its thousands of small beautiful islands and atolls, where independent countries are growing very rapidly. Many of the names of new states and their capitals sounds like a song, for example, the capital of Tuvalu - Funafuti. You hear the name and immediately want to go there, can stop the thought of endlessly long flight, respectively, unaffordable for many the cost of the ticket.

Amazing geography

Tuvalu - is the state, and the archipelago,occupies four islands and five atolls. A Funafuti is probably one of the most amazing cities on the planet, since its definition - the capital of the atoll.

City Map consists of thirty smallislands, each of which has the same mellifluous name, like the rest of the capital. The biggest area is considered Fongafale, second place takes Funafala. And the funny thing is, the total area of ​​no more than three square kilometers.

All places of interest - in Fongafale

Officially, the capitalstate of Tuvalu is the entire atoll of Funafuti. In fact, for the placement of government buildings enough alone Vaiaku village, which is located in the southwest of the island Fongafale.

This place is home to a little more than five hundredlocals here are located the main public institutions: the seat of government; the residence of the Governor-General; hotel, unfortunately, in the singular; commercial Bank; meteorological station. However, the buildings are built not so long ago, does not have any architectural features, because of no interest to tourists.

Most often visitors are sent to the archipelagoexamination Church of Tuvalu, which is considered the most significant cultural and historical landmark. Second place goes to American aircraft dating back to World War II. Or rather, what was left after the collapse. It is known that it housed the runway, which was used by the Americans to defend the Gilbert Islands (now called - Kiribati).

Also Vaiaku village, which is considered the main, but having less than all citizens, on the same island, there are three villages - Alap, Faka Fou, hay. All of them are actually merged into a single settlement.


  • Funafuti - the capital of Tuvalu
  • Funafuti - the capital of Tuvalu
  • Funafuti - the capital of Tuvalu

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