Uruguay Capital: card photo. What is the capital of Uruguay?

Montevideo - Uruguay capital

Montevideo - Uruguay capital

Montevideo - Uruguay is the capital, and,at the same time, the administrative center of one of the departments of the country, bearing the same name. The city is located on the Atlantic coast, in the Gulf of La Plata (the full name of the Gulf is much longer). That is why, in addition to all the above obligations, it is also a major seaport.

The intertwining fates and cultures

Today Montevideo is home to over a million people, and the surrounding area will all two. Statistics relentlessly shows that more than half the country's population - is the capital residents.

National structure is not homogeneous, representativesthe indigenous population is extremely small, basically - the descendants of immigrants from Europe. The largest number of inhabitants has Spanish and Italian roots, often there are descendants of immigrants from France.

Because states are located in South America, Uruguay is considered the white-skinned. Here lives the largest Armenian diaspora and the Jewish community.


The first Gulf coastal territory masteredPortuguese. They really liked the convenient bay, on the shore of which was built a fortress, gradually transformed into the city. This place has become a favorite point of smugglers of all stripes, who were brought here their illegal goods. In contrast to them the Spaniards on the opposite side built a fortress in Montevideo and were able to control all ships entering the bay. Soon from the fortress grew large trading town, which could become a rival to Buenos Aires. Since 1828 Montevideo - the official capital of an independent Uruguay.

Architectural landmarks and monuments

Perhaps, in the capital of Uruguay, today is difficult to find ancient monuments, but in the city, numerous buildings, which belong to the XVIII - XIX centuries, the most famous of them:.

  • ornate cathedral in the town square;
  • theater building "Solis" in the classical style;
  • town hall, preparing for the celebration of its centenary.

In Montevideo, a lot of different obelisks,perpetuate the memory of the big pots and iconic events. For example, there are monuments of various Uruguayan generals, first of all, the generals, the colonists-migrants.

A wide variety of museums, located in the capital,store unique artifacts, which tell about the past centuries, masterpieces of world and national art, the works of great artists of the past and contemporary artists.


  • Montevideo - Uruguay capital
  • Montevideo - Uruguay capital
  • Montevideo - Uruguay capital

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