The capital of Vanuatu map, photo. What is the capital of Vanuatu?

Port Vila - Vanuatu capital

Port Vila - Vanuatu capital

Port Vila, capital of Vanuatu, to the same and isthe largest settlement in the country. For the main city of the state, located in the Pacific Ocean (in the south-western part) among many large and small islands was chosen the island of Efate. The name speaks directly about any of the two main parts is the location: "Port" - it is the port, "villa" in French, but in the local pronunciation, meaning "city".

A little history

Without the participation of the colonists could not have done: the first representatives of foreign countries have appeared in these territories in the late XIX century. First, the port was established, which has influenced the rapid development of the city, the commercial center of the role went to Vila in 1882. And in the early twentieth century, the same Vila received the status of the colony's capital, is located here, and various government agencies. However, metropolitan life was not very secure, as the general population - the poor and the newly released criminals. And even the main street looked like a narrow path, reminiscent of the trail.

The town began to develop in the second halfThe twentieth century, when the country had reduced taxes. At this time, there was an active demolition of colonial buildings, improved planning of urban neighborhoods, there were new buildings. Particular attention was paid to the port authorities of the capital, is the main source of foreign exchange earnings to the country through trade and tourism. In the port a major renovation was carried out, a new marina, which can accommodate cruise ships.

Attractions and Museums

Major artifacts are collected and shown inNational Museum; National Library; Vanuatu Cultural Centre. Here you can see the masterpieces of contemporary artists, sculptors, masters of arts and crafts. One such institution is located in the vicinity of Port Vila - a Center of Arts of Oceania. Get acquainted with ancient drawings as well as their modern interpretation is possible and in the Gallery of Art.

A kind of excursion into the past can comewhile traveling through the capital, for example, in the French Quarter preserved colonial-era buildings in the city center - the Church of England and the Old Court House, Fish Market.

National Life Port Vila

To date, the capital of Vanuatu iscity, home to people of many nationalities. The population consists of the descendants of the first settlers and colonists in the first place, the French and the British.

Also, a large enough amount to DiasporaChinese, go after them former residents of Vietnam, and, of course, the indigenous population of the country, the so-called ni-Vanuatu. By the way, thanks to workers from China in 1992, appeared in the capital the building of the Parliament, which is the architectural highlight of the modern city.


  • Port Vila - Vanuatu capital
  • Port Vila - Vanuatu capital
  • Port Vila - Vanuatu capital

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