The capital of The Gambia: a map, photo. What is the capital of The Gambia?

Banjul - Gambia capital

Banjul - Gambia capital

The first name - Bathurst - the capital of the GambiaI received in honor of Englishman Henry Bathurst. For the indigenous people of the country the dubious honor as the man worked as a secretary of the Ministry for the Colonies (of course, the UK). Areas considered a British colony, and the settlement itself was a trading post, where the main product is shipped to the US market - the slaves.

Yesterday and today

The modern name of the capital, Banjul, cityreceived in 1973, it has the same name as the island on which the city's neighborhoods. The British called this piece of land island of St. Mary.

The city has a very convenient location, itIt occupies the island part of its territory and has access to the ocean, and on the other hand, is located at the mouth of the Gambia River, so there is no fresh water problems (although the question remains about its quality).

space puzzles

The quickest way to get to the Gambia -flight. This is a small African state has an airport that caters to a million passengers a year and is the base for NASA's space shuttles.

Runways modern airportThey existed long before the appearance in these areas at the airport, so the object builders did not have any problems in the organization of the planting space. On the stone slab, polished to perfection, modern asphalt pavement was laid. This is clearly seen when looking at the photos made from space.

Scientists have put forward various hypotheses appearancerunways. Of these, the most plausible hypothesis seems to be that here was a kind of Atlantis airport and strip intended for Vimana - aircrafts representatives of this pratsivilizatsii.

English monuments and other attractions

In the capital of Gambia remained slightlycultural and historical sites, most of them related to the period of British colonization. Fauntinz District, where the War Memorial, is connected with the name of George VI of, King of England, and an important event - bringing to power of the monarch. Another point of interest - the Gambia National Museum, where you can also find the artifacts associated with the British colonialists. In addition, in the museum store a large number of interesting ethnographic materials related to the first inhabitants of Gambian territory, and archaeological finds.


  • Banjul - Gambia capital
  • Banjul - Gambia capital
  • Banjul - Gambia capital

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