Coat of arms of Senegal: photo, value, description

Senegal Coat of Arms

Senegal Coat of Arms

Senegal - a state that one offirst adopted the European colonizers. At a time when newcomers from the Old World for the first time found themselves on these lands, there is already a developed state, but it fell into decline with the beginning of the active expansion of France against the Senegalese population. However, there is also a positive thing - before on this territory there were several separate kingdoms, which were merged into one ad after French colony of Senegal. At this time, the country begins to exist as such in the future, after the struggle for independence, after it receives such symbols of an independent state, like the flag and the emblem of Senegal.

After the conquest of the reign of France SenegalHere it was found so that the local elite was involved in the management process. This allowed the colonizers to increase the loyalty of the population and to get rid of a large part of worries. At this time, the beginnings of the modern state, which, after the struggle for independence of the Senegalese and the collapse of the Federation of Mali were placed, allowed to establish independence of the Republic of Senegal.

The history of the emblem

Coat of arms of the Independent Republic of Senegal was quitetraditional maritime countries and contained images of mermaids, tridents and waves. Crowning all is the rising sun, which was located on the tape with the name of the country.

In its more modern form of the coat of arms of SenegalIt appeared in 1960 and it was depicted a lion under green star. However, the new state symbol did not contain all the necessary information, so it is edited in five years, after which it acquired its final form.

elements Emblem

The modern coat of arms of Senegal islogo, which depicts a lion (symbol of power of the president) and baobab (giant baobabs - the pride of Senegal). Above the emblem is a green star - a symbol of openness and readiness for alliance and unity.

Color design of the emblem is made in the prevalence of the spirit of the African continent with the use of green, red and yellow:

  • Green - a symbol of hope and development;
  • red - to indicate the shed blood for independence;
  • yellow - symbolizing the wealth acquired by joint work.

Complementing all of this band with the slogan "One people, one goal, one faith", performed in French.


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