Coat of arms of Djibouti (city): photos, value. Description Djibouti Coat of Arms

Coat of arms of Djibouti

Coat of arms of Djibouti

The African state of Djibouti quite yetyoung, it only gained independence in the mid-twentieth century. At the same time, and it was determined the place of the main city, named in honor of the country. But the coat of arms of Djibouti, the capital, is different from the main character of the state.

Description Djibouti Coat of Arms

The settlement was founded in 1888, after fouryear, it received the status of the administrative center of the colony with a long name - French Somaliland, clearly indicating who owns the territory.

Since 1977, Djibouti becomes capital status,and four years later the title of a free port. The latest developments are reflected in the main heraldic symbol of African capital. The main elements of the coat of arms are the following:

  • shield, located in the center of the composition;
  • framing his wreath of laurel leaves;
  • the name "City of Djibouti", written in French;
  • symbolic image of the national flag of the country.

It attracts the compositional structure of the shield. There is no clear path to be able to determine, it refers to any form. The lower part has a pointed shape, the upper - imperceptibly into the outline of an old building.

In addition, in the inner field of the emblem at the bottompart, presented the seascape. This is understandable, given the role of the city as a major seaport. Another symbol having the same value - anchor pink color, this element occupies a central position on the board.

Upper shield outline reminiscent of the masterpieces of ancientarchitecture of the city of Djibouti, made in the Moorish style. Individual residential buildings and mosques, and today can be seen walking through the streets and squares of the capital.

The individual elements

The inscription with the name of the city is written in French. A person familiar with the history of medieval Europe, once it becomes clear that the first colonists arrived in the territories of France.

On the one hand, they exploited localpopulation, actively developing the natural resources of the country. On the other hand, the first European settlers played a role in expanding the boundaries of the city, changing the building, in the cultural life of Djibouti.

Laurel wreath - a traditional heraldicelement, symbolizing the desire to win. Another element of the original coat of arms - drawing the national flag, but also shown in mirror image.

Color solution is quite original becauseused an unusual combination of pink, blue and yellow colors, and quite rich. But the overall palette is balanced by the presence of the coat of arms in white.


  • Coat of arms of Djibouti

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