Coat of arms of Cameroon: photo, value, description

Cameroon Coat of Arms

Cameroon Coat of Arms

Another African country, published onindependent way, demonstrates our commitment to solving their own problems, ready to defend the fatherland to the last drop of blood. Cameroon Coat of even the uninitiated viewer can tell you about this and much more.

The coat of arms as a reflection of the country's history

The oldest inhabitants of these territories - the Pygmies,follow them on the lands of modern representatives of Cameroon settle Bantu. During the Middle Ages begins the first contacts with Europeans, which form their colonies here.

Three great European powers claimedthen to have Cameroon under his rule. The first was Germany, followed by the UK and France. In 1922, the last two states received management mandates from the League of Nations. Echoes of those distant times reflected on the coat of arms of Cameroon. On the main emblem of the country there are inscriptions, including the name of the country and the motto, they are made in English and French.

The first appeared in 1960, with the emblem of Cameroonindependence, she wore an image of a female head. this sample state seal was short-lived. One year later, a new logo, there are many details of its modern and Cameroon's coat of arms.

Major changes have been associated with the words that have evolved is then cleaned at all. From minor changes - the disappearance of one of the blue stars and change the color of the star on gold.

To remember the past, cherish the present

Modern emblem of the Republic of Cameroon in its composition is close to the traditional European and American arms. It consists of the following elements:

  • shield, painted in the colors of the national flag;
  • fascias, cross located behind the shield;
  • gold base with a state title in two languages;
  • motto, crowning composition.

Sam shield is not quite the traditional form,It is divided into three parts, painted in different colors. In the central part of scarlet housed important symbols: gold star, scales and a map of the country. Each of these characters is important. Map shows the desire of the authorities to unite the country, the scale - are the symbol of justice. The star has traditionally been used in the world heraldry.

No less important elements are the fascia,located behind the shield. So formerly known as bundles of twigs of birch and elm, which are associated with the monarch (the royal, royal) authority. The coat of arms of Cameroon fascia crowned with axes and perceived as a symbol of national defense, protection of the state.


  • Cameroon Coat of Arms

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