Gambia Coat of Arms: photo, value, description

Gambia Coat of Arms

Gambia Coat of Arms

Gambia - a post-colonial Africana country with a rich history. Its territory was colonized in the XVI century, after which the French, Dutch and English sailors began to build on the land their factories. In 1807, Britain declared the Gambia the property of the British crown, after which its borders and administration underwent many changes. It was only April 24, 1970, it becomes a truly independent republic, having the right to choose its own flag and coat of arms of Gambia.

Flag and coat of arms

During colonial Gambia hadown state symbols of a single sample. As the last colonial administration used the traditional Union Jack badge to the Gambia. It was presented in the form of a circle, inside of which was depicted an elephant walking between the palm trees, and the letter G.

Many merchant ships Gambia while also often used this flag, but it was considered a serious violation, as they are obliged to walk alone under the British Red Ensign.

Interesting, too, and the emblem of the country. In its final form it was adopted November 18, 1964 and contains the national motto of the Gambia: «Progress - Peace - Prosperity», which translated to English means: "Progress - Peace - Prosperity". It consists of the following elements:

  • cerulean shield;
  • golden ax and hoe, folded in saltire;
  • Supporters (two lions from the front);
  • Knight's helmet;
  • Palm branch.

As a whole they form the following picture: in the center of the coat of arms is a shield with a green border and a picture of an ax and a hoe. On both sides of the shield support Lions, in which the legs are also already indicated hoe and ax. He crowned it all knight's helmet, adorned with plumes of palm leaves. Also at the bottom of the coat of arms is a silver ribbon with the national motto.

Officially, hoe and ax aresymbols of the importance of agricultural labor for the country. According to another version, they represent the two largest ethnic groups in the Gambia - Fulani and mandika.

Curiously, the Gambia president put his personal flag. It is a miniature image of the official emblem of the country on a blue cloth.


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