Coat of Arms of Niger: a photo, a value description

Niger Coat of Arms

Niger Coat of Arms

Niger Coat of Arms has a lot of interesting original characters related to this exotic country. It is closely linked with the national flag of the state.

Brief description of the coat of arms

Coat of Arms of Niger is in the form of draperynational flag. In the middle of it is the state seal. The shield green symbols are also made in a golden color. In the center of the shield - image of the sun, as well as the vertical spears Tuareg tribe living on the territory of this country. In addition, there is a picture of three pearls. Above - a stylized image of the head of the animal zebu. Below - a tape with an inscription in French: "The Republic of Niger."

Meaning Niger emblem colors

Coat of arms of Niger has the main colors:

  • Orange - the color of the Sahara desert. After all, much of the country is located in a desert area.
  • Green plains with grass growing on them. These valleys flowing river Niger, and that it is the source of life for almost all people in the country.
  • White color means hope. In addition to the state - it is also a region of savannah.

Brief history of the modern coat of arms

Niger Coat of Arms adopted in its present formrecently. The Constitution provides for the presence of certain symbols on the country's coat of arms since 1999. However, the legislation of this country no consensus about what should be the color of the coat of arms. Official legislation provides only the required printing, used in all official occasions.

It is also known that the use of colors in Emblemthis country is different. Thus, the green color stamp is not used on official buildings, as well as documents. Embassy using white color. The same applies to various official documents. But the site of the president of this country applies the color of golden hue.

The symbolism of the flag and coat of arms

Flag of the State also usesorange, white and green. These symbols - the same as in the coat of arms. It approved a tricolor in 1959. Therefore, from this time and is based on the assertion of another major state symbols - the coat of arms.

The use of the emblem and flag necessarily alldocuments, as well as on all official occasions. These national symbols are protected by special legislation, and abuse them prosecuted.


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