Coat of arms of Somalia: the photo, the value description

Coat of arms of Somalia

Coat of arms of Somalia

The modern coat of arms of Somalia the date of his birthIt can be considered the day October 10, 1956, and it happened before the announcement of the country's independence. The middle of the twentieth century, not only for that country but also for many other countries of the Black continent marked the liberation from colonial oppression and access to an independent path of development.

But the development of the first official symbol of the independent state, the authors could not have gone far from the traditional European logos and rules of construction stamp composition.

Azure Shield and leopards

Somalia Coat of Arms Composition fairly traditional. There are some basic elements that are familiar to fans of heraldry:

  • Shield azure color with a silver five-pointed star in the center;
  • stylized golden crown, crowning the shield;
  • leopards as chargers;
  • crossed palm branches;
  • spear like kinds of traditional weapons to Somalia.

Such a composition is typical for many countriesEurope and Asia. Elements of the Somali coat of arms, on the one hand, rely on the world's heraldic tradition, on the other hand, emphasize the features of the state.

The symbolism of the elements

Somalis have found your logo beforemoment when the country became independent. While the territory was under the protectorate of Britain and Italy, respectively, there were British and Italian coat of arms.

In addition, indigenous Somalis live todayin five different African countries. Therefore, the five-pointed star is a symbol of uniting all Aborigines in a single state, which does not exist in reality, but it has its own name - Greater Somalia.

Leopards as chargers on the emblem of the country,match heraldic lions, which in Europe are symbols of bravery, courage, strength, but do not belong to the local animals. Somali leopards are the same symbols, and they are - outstanding representatives of the kingdom of the local fauna. Therefore it depicted quite real, as opposed to the European stylized lions.

At the base of the Somali Emblem settled twosymbols having an opposite value. Palm branches - the most famous characters in the world of desire for peace and good neighborly relations. Weapon - a reminder of the strong power, defensive capability. This is what the authors wanted to emphasize the African country emblem - the dream of the world and the willingness to arms to defend their homeland.


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