Samoa Coat of Arms: photo, value, description

Samoa Coat of Arms

Samoa Coat of Arms

States, located in the southern hemisphere,are no different from their northern counterparts - the same desire for independence, the introduction of its own state symbols, or emblems. Samoa Coat of Arms has already mentioned the fiftieth anniversary since the approval of the main character was in the distant 1962.

There was at that time Samoa gained independence from the neighbor, New Zealand. The hopes and aspirations, commitment to the development and prosperity received their symbolic reflection on the arms.

Space and earth characters

One of the most interesting elements of the coat of arms of SamoaSteel stars, which are located on the board in a certain configuration. Total on a dark blue background can count five stars, and they vary in size, but their location is no symmetry.

And this is not just a set of stars symbols and constellationSouthern Cross, or rather, his stylized image. At the time, it is this constellation became a reference point for indigenous people involved in sailing. It helped not to get lost in the ocean and return home safely.

In addition to the stars on the coat of arms of Samoa there are other, quite earthly objects and symbols:

  • shield, decorated with stars, waves and coconut palm tree with fruits;
  • radial pattern, resembling the parallels and meridians;
  • olive branches;
  • Latin cross, crowning the composition;
  • the country's motto.

On the role of the Southern Cross constellation in the life of the country alreadymentioned above, an equally important role is played by the ocean and the coconut tree, symbolizing food and water, without which life is impossible on the islands, and they point directly to the location of the state.

In addition, the palm is an important symbol notOnly food security of the country. Traditionally, Samoans farm used all its parts, such as stems for the construction of houses, the leaves were everything for roofs. Nuts gave valuable coconut milk, copra, used as cookware.

Since the state itself was under the guardianshipThe United Nations from 1946 to 1962, then the coat of arms is already an independent state came the symbol of this famous organization. These residents have expressed their gratitude for the firm policy of the United Nations guidance on a small island nation.

The coat of arms of the country, there are religious symbols asa sign of gratitude to God. This is - a Latin cross, made in white-red-blue tones, and having red rays, as well as the motto, drawn at the bottom of the coat of arms. Free translation says that it is God who is the basis of Samoa (the inscription is made in the Samoan language).


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