Mauritania Coat of Arms: photo, value, description

Coat of arms of Mauritania

Coat of arms of Mauritania

Of all the existing state of the planetemblems and symbols of the coat of arms of Mauritania belongs to the company the most concise and restrained. Firstly, it used quite modest palette, which lists only three colors: green; yellow, golden appropriate; white, corresponding to the heraldic silver. Secondly, the coat of arms depicted on the Moorish minimum number of characters, which is why it looks concise and stylish.

Description of the coat of arms

A remarkable event for each Mauritanianoccurred April 1, 1959, the main state emblem was approved on this day. As can be seen, authors of the project hardly thought about what colors and symbols to use.

In fact, the coat of arms of Mauritania reiteratesnational flag, the same color, green, gold, and symbols. The central location and the flag and emblem of the country took a gold crescent, the company he is a star, painted in the same color gem.

The difference in the form of: flag - traditionally rectangular, the main emblem of the Mauritanian state is made in the shape of a circle. The central part of the green color with gold symbols of the Muslim faith.

The outer part of the circle of white color, is on herinscription in Arabic and French - "The Islamic Republic of Mauritania". The French language is reminiscent of the time when Mauritania was a French colony.

Symbols Moorish emblems

With this modest list of colors and itemseach of them is deeply symbolic. Traditionally, gold and green are considered to be the national colors of the African continent. In addition, the green symbolizes Islam, it is present on the arms of many Islamic states. But gold plays an additional role, he - a symbol of the Sahara sands, which occupy most of the territory of Mauritania.

In addition to the green on the country's emblempresent the main symbols of Islam - star and crescent. Mauritania Coat contains images of the two plants, one of them can be quite easy to find a palm tree.

Since 60% of the territory - it is the Sahara Desert, thethe country's vegetation is very poor and poor. Palma is the source of life and well-being for many Mauritanians. They use wood, leaves, fruits of the farm. Among other species of flora help to survive in the harsh conditions of sorghum, millet, maize.


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