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Coral sea

Coral sea

One of the most interesting and beautiful seas of the PacificOcean is the Coral Sea. Its water area stretches south of the island of New Guinea, near Australia. From Ocean Sea separated the island New Hebrides, Solomon and New Britain. Coral Sea map shows that it is in the tropics, to the south of the equator. In the subtropics, it is only a small area of ​​the pond. Coral Sea links the Indian Ocean with the Pacific through the Torres Strait.

The area of ​​water area is approximately 4,791,000 square meters. km. The sea is deep, as most of it is located beyond the boundaries of the continental shelf. The largest depth is 9140 m. This place is located next to the Solomon Islands and is designated as depression Bougainville. Coral Sea - is a zone of seismic activity. Over the past 150 years in the region have repeatedly occurred earthquakes of up to 6 points. The most powerful earthquake happened in 2007 in the Solomon Islands. It took effect on 8 points and sparked a wave of tsunami great height.

Features of the Coral Sea

The sea got its name from the interestingthe abundance of coral formations. The most significant coral reef is the world's Great Barrier Reef. It is located in the sea and protected by law. This natural structure is considered unique and is included in the World Heritage list. The seabed is highly dissected topography. There are frequent drops deep and numerous depressions. The bottom is covered with sand in the shallows. Flora and fauna of the Coral Sea are impressive. Transparent sea water makes it possible to appreciate the diversity of colors waters. In the sea you can see the coral formations of all colors and shapes. The fauna is represented by a variety of free-floating, shellfish, bottom, molluscs and echinoderms inhabitants.

The climate in the sea area

The coast of the Coral Sea is influenced bywarm climate. The sea temperature is stable. It is kept at 29 degrees to the north. In the southern areas of the reservoir in August, the water temperature is about 19 degrees, and 24 degrees in February.

The value of the Coral Sea

The water area is considered to be an Australian territory with1969 islands in the Coral Sea are not public. Only on the islands Willis has an active weather station. The main ports of Noumea, Port Moresby, Cairns, Brisbane. Ship in the waters of difficult because of the abundance of coral reefs. Today, using a number of economic and environmental constraints associated with the use of resources of the Coral Sea. But his thriving coast. Major port cities are growing rapidly.

Photos of the Coral Sea

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