Coat of arms of Guinea: photo, value, description

Guinea Coat of Arms

Guinea Coat of Arms

This emblem was adopted recently - onlyin 1984 year. Prior to that, the coat of arms of Guinea had some differences. Interestingly, the latest version of the main character of the state was adopted as a result of the change of government after the coup. Prior to that, the coat of arms was a picture of an elephant as the symbol of the Democratic Party. In 1997, the next small changes in the main emblem of the country.

Brief description of the coat of arms

Guinea Coat of Arms has a foundation - a shield, which is at the bottom - the colors of the national flag: red, yellow and green. These colors have strict symbolism:

  • Red - blood shed in the struggle for national independence.
  • Yellow - a symbol of Guinea hot sun, because it is in a zone where the year-round summer.
  • Green - a symbol of the rich African nature.

The coat of arms has a dove with a branch and the motto ribbon with the inscription "Work, Justice, Solidarity". The motto is written in French.

Guinea Coat uses the state colorsflag to show solid foundations of statehood and to demonstrate the power of the state. Dove - is the main symbol of peace and sign of order in the country. In 1993, the image of Guinean Emblem characters were somewhat changed.

Why is the coat of arms of Guinea until 1997, there were a sword and rifle image

Apparently, the presence of these images on the mainnational symbol of the country is associated with many historical events. It is known that in the Middle Ages and the new in the country was carried out constant fierce struggle between many tribes. Because of this opposition are constantly appearing and disappearing states. This internecine struggle and influenced by the fact that the main state emblem were such militaristic symbols.

Since then, as the area began to manage GuineaFrench, they began to work on the creation of the state emblem. She was soon invented: the first posters were developed in the late nineteenth century. After independence, the country's national emblem of the country was finally approved.


  • Guinea Coat of Arms

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