Antigua and Barbuda Flag photo, history, meaning of colors Antigua and Barbuda national flag

Antigua and Barbuda flag

Antigua and Barbuda flag

State symbol - the flag of Antigua and Barbuda - was first raised in February 1967, when the former British colony of the country received the status of an associated state.

Description and proportions of the flag of Antigua and Barbuda

The flag of Antigua and Barbuda has a rectangular shape, adopted by the absolute majority of the independent world powers. The proportion of the flag's length to width ratio is 3: 2.
flag field consists of three triangles. They are formed by two lines emanating from a point located in the middle of the lower edge of the cloth. Rays rise up and end up in the upper left and right corners of the rectangle.
Fame and the right line is formed by two rectangularTriangle, which has a bright red color. In the center of the flag field is divided horizontally into three parts. The top - black coated with her stylized yellow sun rising. The middle of the center - the blue, while the lower portion - white.
The colors and symbols of the flag of Antigua and Barbuda haveimportant and not chosen by chance. Blue cloth reminiscent of the Caribbean Sea, which is located in the state. According to the authors of the flag blue - the color of it and hope for a better life, to which the country aspires. Black box represents the African origin of the general population of the state, and the rising sun - a new period in the history of Antigua and Barbuda. Rays diverging on a flag in the form of letters of English the V, are a sign of "Victory" - victory.
The flag is allowed to be used for all purposes on land and to raise to the civil courts and the country's trade ships of the fleet.

History of Antigua and Barbuda flag

The island nation of Antigua and the CaribbeanBarbuda was a British colony for a long time. All these years, the flag of Antigua and Barbuda flag was typical of overseas possessions. Blue rectangle contained in the upper quarter of the shaft closest to the British flag, and on the right side - the emblem of the islands in the form of a heraldic shield, inscribed in white disk. The billboard depicted the sea, sand, mountain and flowering tree.
In 1967, the state is entitled togovernment and decides to create their own characters. In the competition, six hundred people took part in the best flag design. Defeated sketch artist R. Samuel, which was embodied in the form of national flag of Antigua and Barbuda.

Photo Antigua and Barbuda flag

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