Rwanda Flag photo, history, the value of the state flag colors of Rwanda

Flag of Rwanda

Flag of Rwanda

Republic of Rwanda National Flag was designed by the artist Alphonse Kirimobeneko and officially approved by authorities of the country in October 2001.

Description and proportions of the flag of Rwanda

The modern state is the flag of Rwandaclassical rectangular shape and its length and width correspond at a ratio to each other of 3: 2. The flag can be used for all purposes on land. He has the right to raise and government agencies and officials, and citizens. This flag is also used by the armed forces of Rwanda.
The flag of Rwanda flag is divided horizontallythree unequal parts among themselves. The upper band occupies half of the flag of Rwanda, and has a bright blue color. The bottom half is made up of two equal width horizontal bands: the bottom - dark green and mean on the flag - yellow. On a blue field in the upper part of the free edge of the applied image of the sun.
The blue stripe on the flag symbolizes Rwandapeace hopes Rwandans a happy life. His green field - this is the dream of prosperity of the country, and yellow - economic development based, inter alia, on the development of rich natural resources. Sun on the Rwandan flag - a symbol of light and heat, a guiding star in a better future.
The colors on the flag panel are present on the armsRwanda. His project was proposed in 2001. The emblem is a blue-blue wheel with teeth, symbolizing the free labor for the good of the state. Around there are branches of coffee tree and sorghum - the main agricultural export products of Rwanda.
The text of the motto inscribed on a yellow ribbon inthe lower part of the coat of arms of Rwanda, demonstrates the intention of the inhabitants of the country - unity, work and patriotism. The coat of arms and the flag were adopted in a new form, to avoid reminders of the cruelest genocide of the Rwandan people that killed nearly a million people.

The history of the flag of Rwanda

In the former flag of the country attended the other colorsand the location of the bands. From 1959 to 1961 the flag was divided vertically into three equivalent pieces. Along the shaft went bright red box, then - the yellow, and the free edge is light green. Then the sequence of stripes flag of Rwanda has undergone changes and the color of the field in the shaft became green and the free edge painted in red.
In 1962 he became a kind of cloth the same, and in the center of the field there was a yellow letter R, a Rwandan flag to distinguish from that of Guinea character.

Photo Rwanda flag

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