Benin Flag photo, history, the value of the state flag colors of Benin

Benin Flag

Benin Flag

The first "coming" of the Republic of Benin flag onflagpoles government in 1958. Subsequent changes in the political arena and touched the flag, but in 1991 it re-adopted and since then it has remained unchanged.

Description and proportions of the flag of Benin

Benin Flag has a classic lookrectangle divided into three parts. Along its shaft is vertical field of green, and the rest are lined horizontally on top of yellow and bright red bottom. Horizontal stripes on the flag of Benin are equal in width to each other.
Traditional Pan-African colors of the flag of BeninThey have a great semantic meaning for residents of the state. The red field of the flag - a reminder of the brave defenders of the sovereignty of the country and the blood shed for their freedom and independence. Green symbolizes hope of the people of Benin for a brighter future, and yellow - prosperity and wealth. The flag of Benin flag can be used for all purposes on land and on water. State law provides that authority to raise the flag and individuals, and official authorities. Army and Navy fleet of Benin also enjoy state of the country flag. Raise it on their masts and commercial and gradzhanskie republic Court.
The colors of the state flag of Benin and repeatedthe emblem, established in 1990. Is lined with red heraldic shield, bright yellow shows a lock on it and the skins of leopards, supporting the shield on both sides. Green palm leaves are also reminiscent of the flag of Benin in the field, which represents the best hopes of the country's inhabitants.

History of Benin flag

Being the last colony of France, Benin longtime enjoyed its flag and anthem. Until 1958, the French vertical tricolor was hoisted on flagpoles of all countries. Then the territory received the status of the Autonomous Republic of Dahomey within the French community. In December, the event was marked by the raising of the new flag, which coincides with the symbol of the modern Republic of Benin.
In the fall of 1972 to the power in the country cameMarxist party, and in 1975, Dahomey was renamed the People's Republic of Benin. The old flag was abolished and its place on the flagpoles took a dark green flag in the upper left corner of the five-pointed red star is located.
It lasted until 1990 regime was overthrown, and the green flag of 1 August 1991 was lowered and replaced by the former.

Photo Benin flag

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