Lesotho Flag photo, history, meaning of colors of the state flag of Lesotho

Flag of Lesotho

Flag of Lesotho

Kingdom of Lesotho flag officially adopted in October 2006, and along with the anthem and coat of arms of the state symbol of the country.

Description and proportions of the flag of Lesotho

The flag has the shape of the flag of Lesothorectangle, as well as the bulk of the national flags of independent states on the political map of the world. The length and width of the flag related to each other according to the proportion of 3: 2.
The flag Lesotho flag on the split horizontallythree equal in width of the field. The upper band has a bright blue color, bottom - light green, and the middle of the flag - white. In the center of the cloth within the white field the stylized image mokorotlo. This is a traditional headdress tribe inhabiting the state of Lesotho. It is shown in black.
A white stripe on the flag symbolizes peace, towhich for so long sought the people of Lesotho. Blue - is a tribute to water, without which no life on earth. Water is the most precious treasure of the African continent. Green field on a panel - it's prosperity and hope for a better future.
Flag of Lesotho, according to the law of the country can beIt used only by government agencies on the ground. He can climb and private vessels or serve as identification mark of belonging to the state in the merchant navy ships.

History of Lesotho flag

The first national flag of Lesothoadopted on the day of the proclamation of independence of the country in October 1966. That's when Lesotho gained sovereignty and ceased to be a British protectorate. The first version of the flag of an independent Lesotho was established on the basis of the flag colors of the Basotho National Party, which led the country to independence. The flag is a flag, which was the main field of bright blue. To the left along the shaft were two vertical narrow strip of green and red colors. On a blue field with white color was applied to the image of the national headdress.
The military coup in 1987 led to changes in thepolitical structure of the state. The new flag was adopted immediately after the event and its flag divided diagonally from bottom to top and from left to right. The left white triangle contained military shield image with a spear, and the right light green separated by white blue stripe.
In 2006, a new flag of Lesotho was adopted in honor of the fortieth anniversary of the proclamation of independence, which today is the state.

Photo Lesotho flag

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