Flag of Equatorial Guinea: photo, history, the value of the state flag colors of Equatorial Guinea

Flag of Equatorial Guinea

Flag of Equatorial Guinea

State flag of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea has received formal approval in October 1968, when the country gained independence from Spanish colonial rule.

Description and proportions of the flag of Equatorial Guinea

The shape of the flag of Equatorial Guinea -rectangular sides correspond with each other in a ratio of 2: 3. Flag of Equatorial Guinea may be raised, according to the law of the country, for all purposes on land and at sea. It can be used and the citizens of the state, and officials. The cloth is used and the armed forces of the country, as well as rises in the merchant navy ships, individual ships and naval needs.
The flag Equatorial Guinea flag dividedhorizontally into three equivalent pieces. The upper band - green, medium - white, and the bottom of the flag - a bright red. From the side of the shaft in the flag field is given a triangle bright blue whose base is the entire left side of the rectangle. In the center of the cloth within the white field is the coat of arms of Equatorial Guinea.
On the coat of arms on heraldic shield depictedcotton tree, which serves as a sacred symbol for the locals. Mainland and five islands: a six-six gold stars, symbolizing the main territory of Equatorial Guinea, located above the shield. Under the shield on white ribbon inscribed with the motto of the state, which reads: "Unity. Peace. Justice". The coat of arms on the flag of Equatorial Guinea the same as the official emblem of the country, adopted in 1968.
The colors of the flag are of a certain value, and selectednot by chance. Blue symbolizes the waters of the Atlantic washing the land of Equatorial Guinea. White is the traditional color of peace and good intentions. A green bar is reminiscent of the rich natural resources of the country and the importance of agricultural production. Red box on the flag of Equatorial Guinea - a tribute to the fighters for justice and independence, otdavschim their lives in battle.

History of Equatorial Guinea flag

Prior to 1968 the country was in the colonialDepending on Spain and its symbol served as a banner of the Spanish flag. The struggle for sovereignty has begun in the end of XIX century and lasted for about seventy years. In 1968, the Patriots have made the country's independence and the flag of Equatorial Guinea has taken its rightful place on the flagpoles.

Photo Equatorial Guinea flag

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