Flag of Guinea-Bissau: photos, history, meaning of colors of the national flag of Guinea-Bissau

Flag of Guinea-Bissau

Flag of Guinea-Bissau

State symbol of the country, Guinea-Bissau flag officially adopted in September 1973, when colonial rule ended and Portugal was proclaimed sovereignty.

Description and proportions of the flag of Guinea-Bissau

Flag of Guinea-Bissau is arectangular panel, the length of which is twice its width. Flag of Guinea-Bissau on the law of the country can be used for all purposes on land and water, it can raise both citizens and officials, and government agencies. Army and Navy of Guinea-Bissau navy also uses the national flag as its symbol. It can be raised on the masts and civilian commercial, military and private vessels powers.
Rectangular flag panel is divided into threeunequal parts. Along the shaft passes a vertical strip that separates the red field of the flag. Its width is equal to one third of the flag's length and in the center of the red stripe five-pointed star picture is marked in black. The rest of the Guinea-Bissau flag is divided horizontally into two equal strips: upper - and lower yellow - light green.
The red field of the flag of Guinea-Bissau recallsshed the blood of patriots in the struggle for the independence and sovereignty of the country. The yellow band symbolizes a rich harvest, which seek to farmers of the country and a decent life for every working man. The green part of the Guinea-Bissau flag - is its natural resources and hope for a bright future in a prosperous state. Black star - the symbol of the unity of the black population and the African continent as a whole.
The colors of the flag of Guinea-Bissau and are repeated on the arms of her adopted almost simultaneously with the flag.

History of Guinea-Bissau flag

At the beginning of the colonial rule of Portugalflag of the territory of modern Guinea-Bissau Guinea were the banners of the company, brought to Africa in the XV-XVI centuries. They were a green cross of broad bands with triangular extended endings on a white background. Received in 1951 the status of an overseas province, Guinea-Bissau has risen as a public Portuguese flag.
The basis for the development of their own flag projectGuinea-Bissau was the banner of the Party of Independence, who fought for the country's sovereignty. Traditional Pan-African colors of the flag of the party were the main and the flag of Guinea-Bissau, solemnly raised on flagpoles Free State in 1973.

Photos of Guinea-Bissau flag

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