Cameroon Flag photo, history, the value of the state flag colors of Cameroon

Cameroon Flag

Cameroon Flag

Formal adoption as the official symbol of the Republic of Cameroon flag took place in May 1975.

Description and proportions of the flag of Cameroon

Cameroonian flag rectangular panel haslength to width ratio, expressed as a proportion of 3: 2. Needless flag field is divided vertically into three equal parts. The strip closest to the shaft, painted in dark green color. The middle part of the flag - bright red, and the free edge - gold. In the center of the flag of Cameroon at equal distances from the edges of the red field and boundaries is five-pointed yellow star.
As in the past, the metropolis of France, Cameroon used the vertical stripes on the flag layout. The colors of the flag of Cameroon are traditional for this African region.
Green field Cameroon flag symbolizes the richthe flora of the country and its forests. The yellow part of the flag - this is Savannah, located on the north of the country, and the hot sun, warming the inhabitants of Cameroon. The red stripe on the flag symbolizes the unity of the southern and northern regions, and stresses the independence of the state in the international arena.

The history of the flag of Cameroon

In the early twentieth century it was under CameroonGerman protectorate, and its design served as the Flag panel with three horizontal stripes of equal width. Cameroon flag alleged top field was a black, medium - white, while the lower part - the red. At the heart of the project was placed Cameroon coat of arms in the form of a red shield with a flag on it depicted an elephant head. The war did not allow Germany to implement fully its colonial claims, and two years later was occupied by the French Cameroon.
In 1948 the heroic peoples of the Union of CameroonHe began a bloody liberation struggle for independence. From this moment and until 1955 served as the rebel flag bright red flag. It is decorated with an image of crab in black. The country then became known as the Republic of Cameroon and under French administration has adopted as flag rectangular cloth divided vertically into equal width of the green, red and yellow fields.
In 1960, the country received stateindependence, and in the Federal Republic of Cameroon includes East and West Cameroon. The flag on the green field there were two five-pointed gold stars, symbolizing the union of two equal members of the federation.
A new constitution in 1972 abolished the federal system, and Cameroon flag remains one gold star, symbolizing the unity of the republic.

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