Tonga Flag photo, history, meaning of colors of the state flag of Tonga

Flag of Tonga

Flag of Tonga

Approved in November 1875 the Kingdom of Tonga flag is protected from any changes in the country was the Constitution, which prohibits such actions.

Description and proportions of the flag of Tonga

Rectangular flag of the flag of Tonga hasthe standard for the majority of the flags of independent nations of the world the proportion of length to width ratio - 2: 1. It can be used not only official institutions, but also by civilians on the ground, as well as private and public vessels and merchant marine ships. The Armed Forces and the Navy Tonga have their own flags.
The main field of Tonga flag painted in a bright red color. At the top left of the flag near the staff in the field entered a white box with a red cross.
Tonga Flags are present and on the country's coat of arms. Heraldic shield coat of arms is divided into several zones, each of which represents an important and significant moments of life and political structure of the country. The lower left quadrant contains the image of a dove with an olive branch - a symbol of peace and hope for the best. The top left panel contains the image of the three stars, which represent the main group of islands in the archipelago. The crown of the monarch - a symbol of royal power, and three crossed swords remind us of the greatness of the three royal dynasties of Tonga. In the center of the shield is located a white box in the form of six-pointed star, which caused the red cross as the flag of Tonga.
On either side of the shield disposed flowingnational flags of the Kingdom of Tonga, and is crowned by the coat of arms of the monarch crown in a wreath of olive branches. On the white ribbon at the base of the emblem is inscribed inscription "God and Tonga - my heritage."
Motives Tonga coat of arms present on the royal standard, was raised during the protocol procedures associated with the performances or the current monarch visits.
In 1985 Tonga Navy Flag was established country,which is a white flag with a red cross of St George flag dividing into four unequal parts. In the upper left box is inscribed red cross flag, repeating the same on the national flag.

The history of the flag of Tonga

Flag of Tonga in its current form was first raisedin 1864, but officially he was accepted only in 1875. Despite the fact that since 1900 the country was under British protectorate, Tonga flag remained unchanged throughout the period according to 1970 and has retained its appearance unchanged until today.

Photo Tonga flag

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