Flag of Trinidad and Tobago: photos, history, meaning of colors of Trinidad and Tobago national flag

Flag of Trinidad and Tobago

Flag of Trinidad and Tobago

Flag of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago was first raised officially in August 1962 after the country gained independence from Britain.

Description and proportions of the flag of Trinidad and Tobago

Flag of Trinidad and Tobago has a classic forMost countries in the world form a rectangle. Parties cloth relate to each other according to the proportion of 3: 5. It is allowed to use for any purpose, government agencies and land forces of the state.
The main field of the cloth - a bright red. It is divided diagonally into two equal size triangle. The dividing line looks like a wide black stripe, edged with two thin white stripes. Black box extends from the upper corner near the staff to the lower right corner of the free edge of the flag of Trinidad and Tobago.
Cloth colors selected in accordance withperformances inhabitants of the country and national traditions. Red flag symbolizes the fertile lands of the island nation, courage and vital resistance of its inhabitants. White stripes - is the water of the Atlantic, in which the drift of the island. This peace for the people of Trinidad and Tobago, the water, and because of their color - white. Black band - a close connection between all people in the country who share a white border clean thoughts and equal opportunities. The set of three colors creates the unity of the elements and time, according to the citizens' islands of Trinidad and Tobago.
Civil flag of Trinidad and Tobago isexactly the same panel having a somewhat different proportions, the length is twice the width. The same flag and used for the needs of the fleet of private and commercial purpose.
Navy countries have as a flag white flag divided into four parts, the red cross of St. George. in the upper left quadrant is the state of Trinidad and Tobago flag.

History of Trinidad and Tobago flag

The former British colony of Trinidad and TobagoIt was presented at the international flag, typical for the overseas possessions of the European states. It was a dark blue cloth, in the upper quarter which was located near the staff the British flag. The right side of the flag contains the image of the emblem of the colonial possessions of Trinidad and Tobago in the form of a circular disc. He could see the sea, mountains and blue sky.
In October 1958, the country gained independence from Britain and nearly four years - a new Trinidad and Tobago flag under which appears today.

Photos flag of Trinidad and Tobago

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