Uruguay Flag photo, history, the value of the state flag colors of Uruguay

Flag of Uruguay

Flag of Uruguay

The national flag of Uruguay was adopted as the official symbol in 1830, five years later prosle the country's independence.

Description and proportions of the flag of Uruguay

Uruguay flag State is not by chance is verysimilar to the character of the neighboring country - Argentina. This is due to the fact that Uruguay was part of its territory to its own declaration of independence.
The flag of Uruguay flag has a classicrectangular shape, and the ratio of its sides to each other is determined by the proportion of 3: 2. Golf flag horizontally divided into nine equal in width lanes, five of which are white and four - bright blue. In the upper part of the shaft closest to the Kryzhi is white, which applied gold "May sun." Kryzhi has a square shape and its width is equal to the width of the part of the five Uruguayan flag stripes.
Nine stripes on the flag represent the ninedepartments of the country, which existed at the very beginning of its appearance on the international scene. Today, Uruguay has 19 regions, but the number of lanes on the national flag has remained unchanged since 1830.
"May the sun" on the flag of Uruguay - aa stylized image of the Inca god of the sun, the tribes in Central America centuries ago. "May" is named in honor of the Argentine Revolution, which occurred in 1810.
"May the sun" took the place of honor and the emblemUruguay, officially adopted as one of the state symbols of the country in 1829. The symbol of the Inca crowned oval shield on which are inscribed the main image Uruguayans values.

History of Uruguay flag

The original version of the Uruguayan flag wasadopted in 1828. It differed from the modern on several grounds. Firstly, the number of lanes on the panel reached nineteen, and the blue color of some of them was much lighter than that allowed to call Uruguay flag is blue and white. Another form was and "May the sun." It had a larger number of rays and the square with his image Kryzhi held in proportion to the total area of ​​the flag a few smaller part than in the modern version.
This version lasted only two years, and in1830 author of the new Uruguayan Joaquin Suarez flag proposed a variant of state symbols of the country, which has remained unchanged for almost two centuries.

Photo Uruguay flag

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