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Traditional cuisine Chad

Traditional cuisine Chad

Meals in Chad is characterized by the fact that Chadian cuisine is multifaceted and its form different delicious recipes.

Food in Chad

The diet of the inhabitants of Chad consists of cereals, legumes, vegetables, fish, meat (beef, lamb, chicken).

Residents of N'Djamena and southern Chad loves to feast on dishes of pork, to which they serve French bread, salads, rice, burning local sauces.

Because of the love of the locals for meat, many cities offer to buy roasts, poured hot spicy sauce in the many street stalls and kiosks.

Not less popular in the country enjoys the fish(Eel, carp, Nile perch, tilapia) - it is stewed, dried, smoked, salted, but more often simply roasted on coals, pouring her some sauce. And like okra fish fry with vegetables, oven on the coals, and do it from the seasoning sauce or "gumbo" (pre-dried fish and izmelchatsya).

In Chad, worth a try roast lamb;stuffed zucchini; thick bean soup; sorghum porridge with meat, spices, tomatoes, dried fish, onions; lemon toast; bream with chili; spicy tuna sub in Chadian; tandoori turkey with ginger and spicy sauce.

Where to eat in Chad? At your service:

  • cafes and restaurants where you can enjoy European cuisine;
  • cafes and restaurants where you can enjoy French and African cuisines;
  • street stalls where you can buy fast food.

Drinks in Chad

A popular drink in Chad are coffee, hibiscus (Hibiscus drink), juices, Jus de Fruit (soft drink from the juice of fruits and milk with cardamom and ice), beer, brew "arch".

Visiting southern Chad, you cantry beer, "Billy, Billy" (for its preparation using red millet) and "koshe" (it is prepared on the basis of white millet), and when you visit Moundou - beer "Gala", which is considered as the best in the country.

In Chad, in large cities, it is possible to buy alcoholic beverages imported, but they are quite expensive.

Gastronomic tour in Chad

Going on a culinary tour in Chad, you will learn aboutlocal culinary traditions, and be sure to taste the pasta "boule" (it is made from various grains, formed of her balls and dipped in sauce), fried donuts made from wheat and millet flour, various meat and fish dishes.

Visiting Chad, you will get acquainted with the peculiarities of the local cuisine and enjoy the original taste of national dishes.

Photos of Chad national dishes

  • Traditional cuisine Chad
  • Traditional cuisine Chad
  • Traditional cuisine Chad

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