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Greenland sea

Greenland sea

Greenland Sea designated section of the Arctic Ocean, which separates Greenland and Iceland. The boundaries of the reservoir extend along the Jan Mayen and Svalbard.
The area of ​​this small sea - about 1.2 million kilometers.. sq. The average depth of 1640 m, and the maximum -. More than 5520 m Greenland Sea Map allows you to see that it is in contact with the Norwegian Sea in its eastern part.

Features of the Greenland Sea

The water surface is covered with drifting ice. Especially a lot of ice observed in the central and northern part of the area. This area is also called Greenland shelf. Shipping involves great difficulties because of the powerful ice. The water in the summer warms up slightly, reaching about six degrees temperature. In winter the temperature drops to -2 degrees.
A cold East Greenland Current and the warmSpitsbergen - the main factors that affect the temperature regime. The islands lapped by the Greenland Sea Greenland, Jan Mayen, Iceland and Svalbard. Their shores are mainly rocky and highly indented. In the sea there are many small coves, picturesque fjords, bays and other relief bends. Coastal Greenland Sea is characterized by limited natural resources.

Climatic conditions

Near the eastern shore of the year savedice belt. In April there is the maximum ice, and in September - the lowest ice cover. The area is dominated by subarctic waters, marine and arctic climate. Terms of the continental Arctic climate are formed over the ice sheet. There are frequent cyclones, which cause strong winds and sudden temperature fluctuations.

Marine life

Greenland Sea, as well as all the cold waters,It is the habitat of many species of northern birds. Among them there are gulls, cormorants, terns, guillemots, and others. In the icy waters of the present fitovodorosli and plankton, which serves as food for whales. It is home to rorqual and bowhead whales, killer whales and dolphins. From there pinnipeds walruses and seals.
Fish is rich in world commercial species. In the sea live herring, cod, sea bass, halibut, black, flatfish and others. In coastal areas are found crustaceans, molluscs and coelenterates. In the Greenland Sea has a polar shark. Locals, mostly engaged in fishing. Fishing and animals occurs seasonally, in those areas of the sea that are free of ice. Great importance is attached to the seal fishery. The skins of these animals are processed, delivered to the domestic market and are exported.

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