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North Sea

North Sea

In the Atlantic Ocean, near the coast of NorthEurope, located offshore shallow sea, which is called the Northern or German. It stretched between the Scandinavian, Jutland peninsula, the British Isles and the continent.

Geographical details

The North Sea was formed because of the scaleflood plains of Eurasia waters of the Atlantic. This process took place in the ice age. Access to the sea are Germany, Denmark, Norway, the Netherlands, Belgium, Great Britain and France. Map of the North Sea Skagerrak displays the largest Gulf. Together with him the sea area of ​​about 565,000 square meters. km.
This body of water is considered to be shallow, as histhe average depth is 95 m. At high tide the water covers a vast territory. Twice a day the land is drained (low tides). As a result of the natural features in the area of ​​the North Sea was formed a marshy plain type, which stretches for 500 km. This is a unique reservation, where there is a special flora and fauna. North Sea connects with the Norwegian Sea and the Baltic, with the ocean and the Bay of Biscay. The diverse sea coast line includes capes, bays, fjords, cliffs, plains and lowlands. Near Norway has many islands.
Relief of the North Sea is flat, as hiswater area is located on the continental shelf. The pond has a small slope in the depth of its distance from its borders. Across the sea is the North Atlantic Current, which is warm. Because of this ice on the surface of water is formed. Ice fast ice can sometimes be seen near the northern coast. At sea, the large flow of the river: Elbe, Thames, Rhine, Scheldt.

Climatic features

North Sea Coast is underthe influence of a temperate climate. The water area is subject to a permanent west winds. They bring with them mists and rains, causing large waves. Therefore navigation is difficult.

Flora and fauna

In the North Sea formed fauna and florasimilar to the Barents and Norwegian Seas. But the warm-water species are much larger. The waters were more than 300 plant species and more than 1550 species of marine animals. In this sea there are phytoplankton, red, green and brown algae. Small depth, cool water and regular mixing of water masses winds - a favorable environment for vegetation. Algae growth is the development of zooplankton. In the North Sea, rich fauna. They found shellfish, crustaceans, marine worms, fish and others. Mammals are represented by species such as whales, dolphins, flipper-like, whales and others.

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