Philippine Sea - card photo. The coast of the Philippine Sea

Philippine sea

Philippine sea

Philippine Sea - to the inter-island body of watersouth-west Pacific. Exact land borders had available. On the coast of the Philippine Sea are ground states such as Japan, China (Taiwan), the Philippines, the United States (Northern Mariana Islands). From its ocean waters separated the island of Taiwan, ridges, Japanese, Philippine Islands and several other islands. The largest island of the sea: the Philippines, the Carolines, Marianas, Kyushu, Honshu, Shikoku, Taiwan, Nampo, Volcano Islands, Bataan.

Historians and geographers believe that the PhilippineSea was first discovered in the 15th century by Magellan. The sea and the archipelago of the same name got its name in honor of Philip II, the Spanish ruler. Magellan was killed during a battle on one of the islands. Today, the Philippine Islands - a popular recreational area. There are the beautiful beaches and natural parks.

What features has the Philippine Sea

Philippine Sea is the largest seaThe world's oceans. Its bottom is very uneven, sometimes there are significant depression. Therefore, the sea is deep. Some depressions differ impressive depth -. More than 6000 meters in the deepest recorded point of about 10540 m in the sea is the deepest basin in the world -. Filipino. Deeper it considered only the Mariana Trench, located in the territory of the ocean, with the boundary of the Philippine Sea.

The average depth of the Philippine SeaIt amounted to 4108 m. The water area is surrounded by dense islands, due to which has the shape of a rhombus. Many islands are Japanese territory. The exception is Mariana and Philippine Islands. A chain of 98 islands of Ryukyu is considered the most extensive in the sea. The largest island among them - Okinawa. The seabed is covered in many parts of the mountain peaks.

climate Conditions

Map Philippine Sea makes it possible tosee that it is located in the following climatic zones: tropical, subtropical, equatorial and sub-equatorial. The warm North Equatorial Current slightly softens the local climate. Philippine Sea is often a place of formation of storms and typhoons.

natural world

The depths of the Philippine Sea hides manysecrets. The first deep study was conducted on the bathyscaphe "Trieste". Scientists have sunk to the bottom of the Mariana Trench and found life there. Even in the deep places present bacteria and other living organisms. The Philippine Sea inhabited by a variety of fish, mammals and molluscs. Most large animals are considered sea turtles, whales and dugongs. Local residents are engaged in tuna fishing, octopus, clams.

Photos of the Philippine Sea

  • Philippine sea
  • Philippine sea

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