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The most popular ski resorts in the world

The most popular ski resorts in the world

Chris Moran, an undoubted authority in boardersall over the world and a champion in this sport in Albion, was a list that includes the best ski resorts in the world, which has something to do with all the heart, and for skiers and fans of flying on a snow-covered slope board. In his humble opinion, in the list of places where you should visit include the ski area in the Old and the New World and in Japan.

Whistler, Canada

It is called the Mecca of skiers and snowboarders. And indeed 110 runs, of which almost half - for real pros, attracted to the town 120 kilometers from Vancouver thousands of fearless. The climate in this place favorable long season and abundant snow cover. Only two mountains - Blackcomb and, in fact, Whistler - are served by 24 lifts, the highest point of exit from which is located at around 2240 meters. The resort is the largest in size in the continent.

French Les Arcs

Every 20 minutes from 7 am to darkcomfortable funicular lifts skiers from the town of Les Arcs to the places of skiing. The resort is considered one of the most decent in France, and experts from the world of winter sports called him a role model for the whole of the Old World. Snowpark, equipped between the altitudes of 1600 and 1800, boasts Cancel pyramids and fan boxes. 180-meter half-pipe artificially illuminated to 20 hours.

French Chamonix

Total 88 km separate the international airportGeneva from Chamonix, the resort, where you can get a fair share of adrenaline on 13 routes to and advanced by more than 40 - to try their hand novice athletes. In addition to the successful execution of the snowpark in Chamonix has a great opportunity to revel in the evening in the trendy clubs and taste the best wines. And what else is needed for happiness skiers? Only the great weather, which is - the norm.

Mammoth Mountain in the United States

This California resort is distinguished by a particularlylong ski season, which starts in late October. Prior to the June 63 local routes for the pros can meet this guru winter slopes. Another 82 runs are perfect for beginners and athletes middle order. The advantages of Mammoth can be safely attributed a great and inexpensive rental equipment.

Canadian Lake Lodge

More than a hundred runs the resort are three hundredkilometers from the city of Calgary. This place is considered one of the most beautiful on the continent - scenic mountain views breathtaking, like a Rocket down the tracks for the most risky skiers. Spend time with benefits in Lake Lodge from November until the end of spring, and the high cost of some of its hotels can be avoided, limiting more democratic living in the town of Fernie nearby.

French Morzine

Fan Park this French resort for severals has no real competition in the country croissants and good wine. The local hills are more suitable for professionals, but also for beginners is where to roam: 150 "green" routes are willing to accept those who are just trying to make friends with a board or skis. Getting to Morzine easier from Geneva, which is only an hour leisurely drive.

Austrian Mayhorfen

As many as 22 runs for real pro, 90 - forthose who are confident in their abilities, and 45 - for the penguin in Mayhorfene will be used snowboard and ski equipment all those who can not imagine your vacations without the mountains and the coast. Here it is situated and well-equipped fun park and freeride area. Mayhorfen a huge selection of hotels and guest houses with nice accommodation and food prices. Another important bonus for local residents: the presence of a ski pass can be reached by buses to the neighboring resorts located in the Zillertal valley for free. A significant elevation changes on the resort skating makes interesting and particularly fascinating.

Italian Livigno

As many as 10 experts from the slopes skiing andsnowboarding, a huge area and superbly equipped snowpark suggest Italian Livigno, one of the best winter resorts in the world. Beginners happy to put on a ski slope in the local schools, and duty-free shops will help to buy professional equipment at a very good price. The nearest airport to the resort - Milan, it is located 240 km.

French Tignes

Located in the Isère valley, this resortIt offers 131 road, 16 of which are for the most risky. The snow here is long enough, thanks to the proximity of the glacier, which allows to hone skills in a fan park until mid-summer. While Tignes is not too well known global sports community, and therefore does not know what a queue for the lift and high prices for accommodation and equipment rental.

Niseko Japan

Siberian cyclones bring snow in the resortHokkaido. Fan Park is not just good, but excellent, and the ski area are open until late at night. Snowboarders and skiers Japan Niseko find the best in the world, and all who have visited the resort, do not even try to argue with them - the local hot springs and the volcano a few miles are added Skating exotic and oriental flavor.

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  • The most popular ski resorts in the world

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