Resorts in Kenya: photos, description

Resorts Kenya

Resorts Kenya

This primordial Africa with wild animals,colorful local population, the equatorial heat and perfect ocean waves - that is Kenya, a country beautiful in all respects. It flew for the impressions that just one day of stay in the resorts of Kenya and its national parks is more than enough in the years ahead. Drop the doubts and concerns and collect the suitcase! You do not have to regret anything and would that tell our grandchildren, sitting comfortably in the Christmas fireplace.

Five main pleasures

Caught in the resorts of Kenya, the traveler has a chance to see the beauty and experience the feeling of which so far only read in books about faraway lands:

  • Kenya national parks - is home toAfrican animals. They walk here easily and naturally, and tourists get a chance to do selfie on the background of the king of beasts, or a huge elephant, the size of a block of flats.
  • The beaches of the Kenyan Indian Ocean coast are perfect for a comfortable stay at any time of the year.
  • Divers find the coral reefs off the coast of Kenya, one of the best resorts in the world.
  • Customs and traditions of the local people make the vacation a memorable one in Kenya, the more that we all - the ancestors of the people inhabiting this land. Anyway, so consider not only the British scientists.
  • Shopping in the heart of the black continent cansurpass all expectations! African masks made of wood, leather and silver, pottery and nice jewelry will become the best gifts, friends and family.

Always in the TOP

Kenya Magnificent beach resorts are wellIt is known to fans of the equatorial exotic holiday. For example, Mombasa - is not only a huge port in East Africa, but also the location of a unique coral reef, which stretches nearly five hundred kilometers. In Mombasa, a lot not only divers, but also lovers of the nightlife - its discos and casinos are famous far beyond the borders of Kenya.
For Arab flavor, oddly enough, it is possiblego to the resort of Malindi in Kenya. List of hotels and restaurants with dishes of Arabic cuisine are combined here with modern tourist centers and nightclubs. Diving and snorkelling - the main classes of active tourists in Malindi.
Rest and relaxation on quiet beaches provideWatamu resort in the national park. Mangroves and coral reefs, boating and diving quiet - at this resort is holiday of your dreams of romance and lovers of harmonious unity with nature.


  • Resorts Kenya
  • Resorts Kenya

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