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Flores Sea

Flores Sea

Malay Archipelago - a place of the sea locationFlores. This inter-island body of water in the Pacific Ocean. It is situated between the islands of Flores, Sumbawa and Sulawesi. Flores Sea is bordered by the seas gang, Sava and Javanese. Its water area covers an area of ​​about 115 thousand kilometers. sq. Ultimately deepest point - 5234 m, average depth -. A little over 1520 m Upper layer of water warms up to 26 degrees in summer, and in winter - up to 28.8 degrees. At the bottom the water temperature is lower by 3.5 degrees. At the bottom of the sea, there are deposits of volcanic mud and globigerina.

Sea Map allows you to see the island of FloresSumbawa, which is the most active of the active volcanoes in Indonesia - Api-Slough. It reaches 1949 m in height. In the west the waters are located a lot of coral formations, reef and deep depression Flores. Sea received its designation because of the island of Flores, called the Portuguese "Cabo des Flores," which translated means "color cape." This name is due to the fact that all the seas of the island are abundant tropical vegetation.

Landscapes tropical sea - it volcanoes, forests,Bay, savanna, sand beaches, caves and coves. Flores Sea coast is low-lying terrain, which alternates with savannah rainforest. In the mountainous areas of the tropics grow evergreens and conifers. On the islands with palm trees, bamboo, ficus and others. Subequatorial climate near the coast there are mangrove and monsoon forests, savannas.


The sea area is dominated by the equatorial conditionsand subequatorial monsoon climate. Nature is subject to the regime of tropical monsoon. The dry season on the islands is the period from July to November. In coastal areas, the air temperature is 27 degrees. For the waters are characterized by powerful, but brief downpours. On the sea coast of Flores is very humid. In the rainy season humidity is 90%, while at other times - at least 80%.

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Neighborhood Sea Flores location is consideredseismically active. Here, periodically erupting volcanoes and earthquakes. The island's population is engaged in whaling. Catching whales in the area is allowed. It is popular with fishing. Residents are tuna, herring, mackerel, mackerel. What matters is catching sea turtles, shrimp, crayfish. Bright underwater sea Flores makes attractive to divers. Among the inhabitants of the pond there are lionfish, sharks, cat-fish, stingrays, butterfly fish, and others. The main seaports are Bontayn and Sumbawa.

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