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Labrador Sea

Labrador Sea

Extensive land near the Atlantic OceanGreenland indicate Labrador Sea. The boundaries of the reservoir marked near the island of Newfoundland, Baffin Island and Labrador. It is connected with the sea via Hudson Bay Hudson Strait. With the sea Baffin it connects the Davis Strait. Labrador Sea is located on the border with the Arctic Ocean, it is considered the northernmost body of water of the Atlantic basin. The area of ​​sea is about 840,000 square kilometers

Geographical features

The sea was formed about 40 million. years ago as a result of the separation of North America and Greenland. The seabed is composed mainly of magmatic rocks of nature, as previously in the region were active volcanoes. Relief southeast lowered. Maximum water depth of 4316 m. The shallow waters recorded in all coastal areas. Labrador Sea Map provides an opportunity to assess the coastline: it is dissected by fjords, but the large peninsula and in the waters of bays available. Islands covered cliffs, there are off the coast. The coast of the Labrador Sea is striking in its unusual beauty of the Arctic. Northern Lights can be seen near the Labrador Peninsula.

The climate in the region of the Labrador Sea

Considered the region is characterized by harshclimates. He subarctic, so the pond is covered with ice even in the summer. The coast of the Labrador Sea is populated, despite the very cold weather. Climatic conditions are largely dependent on the cold current that runs near the coast. Even in the summer season the water temperature reaches over 7 degrees. By sea drifting icebergs year round. In the winter, most of the water area occupied by ice. At sea, difficult navigation. From the Arctic Sea Labrador is the Labrador Current. Cold water runs between Greenland and Canada, capturing with a mass of ice.

Use of the sea

Severe climatic conditions are notobstacle to the lives of people on the coast. Local tribes settled in these parts for a long time. The main occupation of the inhabitants - fishing and whaling. In the Labrador Sea are found fish such as herring, hake and cod. The flora and fauna is the same as in other arctic waters. There is an area of ​​habitat of seals and sei whales (whales from group of baleen whales). Intense fishing has led to the fact that the population of some species began to decrease. Therefore, since 1992 in the Labrador Sea is prohibited to catch cod. Protected and beluga. Large ports in the waters available, which favorably affects the environment.

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  • Labrador Sea
  • Labrador Sea

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