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Scotia Sea

Scotia Sea

Among the rarest of geographical objectsinclude the Scotia Sea. It is an inter-island, as it shares the island such as the South Orkney, South Sandwich and South Georgia. Waters is partly owned by the Atlantic Ocean. Its smaller part belongs to the Southern Ocean. With the Pacific Ocean it combines the Drake Passage. Scotia Sea covers an area of ​​more than 1.3 million. Km. sq. Scotia Sea has designated as Scotia.

The sea has been called due to the ship "Scotia"which it was accomplished Scottish expedition. Sea Map Scotia shows that he has no shore and coastline form the island arcs. The average water depth of more than 5000 m. This figure makes it the deepest in the world by sea. Maximum depth is 6022 m. The bottom relief is strongly dissected, which is associated with the volcanic origins of this part of the earth's surface. The sea is in the transition region from the ocean to the land. From other seas it features small shelf.

The climate in the Scotia Sea area

The main part of the reservoir is in the subpolarzone. Water on the surface has an average temperature of -1 to +6 degrees. In the northwest of the sea dominates a temperate climate. In the middle part of it fall into the water flow of the Antarctic and the southeast runs water from the Weddell Sea harsh. The air over the sea is well warmed. The average temperature in February is about 2 degrees in the southern part of the reservoir. To the north it reaches 9 degrees. In June, the air has a temperature of 1 degree in northern regions and -8 degrees in the south.

Above the water area is constantly formed Westerncold winds. There are frequent storms. Scotia Sea - one of the main areas of education Antarctic icebergs. Subantarctic and temperate zones define the conditions of formation of ice in the sea. In the winter it is covered with ice in part, and in the summer is completely freed from it. Scotia Sea Coast is in the harsh climate, and is exposed to hurricane winds.

Undersea world

In the sea there is a wide variety of wildlife. Here, there are only a hundred species of fish. Numerous species of fish are icy, Shad, white-blooded pike, southern blue whiting, the grenadier, etc. The pond is rich in krill -. Food for fish, baleen whales and seabirds. In the Scotia Sea fishing developed. Despite the scarce flora and fauna of the islands, along the coast a lot of fish, crustaceans and molluscs. Here the usual hake, sea bream, gobies, fish, hammerhead, smelt, mullet, and others. In these parts there are sperm whales, walruses, whales and seals.

Photos of the Scotia Sea

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  • Scotia Sea

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