Weddell Sea - card photo. The coast of the Weddell Sea

Weddell Sea

Weddell Sea

The most southern sea on the planet is seaWeddell. Floating ice floes and icebergs cover it almost all year round. Weddell Sea map to determine its location: close to the West Antarctica, between the Coats Land and the Antarctic Peninsula.

This ancient sea, which is stillpoorly understood. Pathfinder reservoir is considered to be a whaler and mariner Waddell (Scotland). He ended up in the sea water in 1823 while hunting for seals. Weddell Sea is called "Ice Bag", as there is a compression of the ice.

sea ​​Features

The southern part of the Weddell Sea is covered with shelvesglaciers. Samimi large glaciers are considered Filchner and Ronne. Previously it was thought that they were a single entity. Their total area is about 422,420 square meters. km. The ice in some places, has a thickness of about 700 m. Huge icebergs set sail in a northerly direction, break off from glaciers. Iceberg, separated in 2000, has an area of ​​over 5340 square meters. km. Gradually, from large icebergs break off small, drifting on the oceans.

The area of ​​the Weddell Sea, together with glaciersis more than 3 million sq. m. km. In winter, the water in the southern part of the area is reduced to -1.8 degrees temperature. its density is increased in this period. In the Weddell Sea water has the highest salinity and density in the Antarctic. In other areas, melting glaciers Antarctic desalinate water.

Life in the Weddell Sea

Cold pond inhabited by cetaceans and fish. Nutrition for them is plankton, which is carried into the upper layers of water flow. This sea is one of the most clean, transparent and cold in the world. Water clarity is 79 m. The most common type of animal is the Weddell seal. It found in 1820, James Weddell. Seal up to 3.5 m in length. Under water it may be at least an hour.

On the coast of the Weddell Sea are almost no people. They live only specialists working at polar stations. It Halley Station (England), Belgrano II (Argentina), Aboa (Finland) and others. The sea is considered the most dangerous place in the Antarctic. In past years, the court went into its waters are very rare. Among the Weddell Sea ice is rather difficult to find. In addition, here there is such a phenomenon as "flash frieze" Water freezes in front of people, and the ice holds down the ship.

The sea is not suitable for navigation. Another problem is the icebergs that appear suddenly, and the circular flow. Therefore, in the Weddell Sea do not go fishing boats. His visit only the researchers and tourists. Despite this, the area is the subject of the claims of such countries as Argentina, Chile, United Kingdom.

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