We say "mountains" - mean the "skiing"

We say "mountains" - mean the "skiing"

We say "mountains" - mean the "skiing"

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How to determine where to go? For simplicity, we omit climbing and mountain hiking - if you are reading these lines, it is unlikely you should immediately rush headlong into these classes. Of course, 90% say "mountain" in the winter - mean "skiing" or "Snowboard". Here, the experience can be very different.

In the New Year holidays flow of touristsrushes mainly in three ways: 73% is sent to the countries of the Schengen area, 5% are going to Thailand, and 4% as choosing Europe, but - to those countries that do not belong to the Schengen area. If we talk about the winter period as a whole, the figures and trends are undergoing some changes: the country, which need to visit a Schengen visa, 62% are selected, Thailand - 10%, and 3% are sent to the United States.
Russians have traditionally been popular in the first placedomestic and Western European resorts. Within Russia the main point on the map - Dombay, Elbrus, Cheget, Sheregesh, Krasnaya Polyana. Those who prefer to relax abroad often choose Andorra, Austria, Finland, Italy, France. The price range of amenities and in Europe is quite large: some places are famous as ideal for a family holiday (for example, the Finnish Levi), others - as a fashionable and rave (Courchevel notorious French, Italian Cortina d'Ampezzo, the Swiss St. Moritz). In recent years, competition, and they make up the Eastern European resorts. They are much less developed infrastructure, but the rest can there be much cheaper. The most famous of them - Pamporovo and Bansko in Bulgaria. However, the interesting (and much less popular among Russian) place for skiing is, and in Slovakia (Jasna), and in the Czech Republic (Spindleruv Mlyn), and Romania (Poiana Brasov, Sinaia). Ski tourism is developing, even in Turkey!

Going to the mountains, be sure to equip at least a basic knowledge of security

It is necessary to choose the right outfit. Tom, how to choose skiing, devoted whole works. The bad news for anyone who falls into hysterics on the abundance of expressions like "zaparafinit skolzyachku": absolutely universal model, is uniquely suited to any newcomer, does not exist. The good news: skis and equipment is not necessary to buy all that can be rented.
Definitely worth to highlight just a few of the recommendations. The main of them: if you are a beginner ski length must necessarily be less than your height (the average recommended subtract 10 centimeters).
In general, the choice of skis million different influencesfactors from your weight and ending cusp height. This is another argument in favor of the rental: ski equipment is always expensive, and before you spend money, it makes sense to test it properly. The only thing experts advise to immediately buy your - shoes. Even tiny mismatch shape of your feet can affect the horse. One of the most common mistakes is to secure free too boot. In addition to skis and shoes, you will need fixing, sticks, gloves, thermal underwear, a special suit with reflective elements and a helmet. This is - the minimum necessary to keep warm, do not get sick, and reduce the risk of injury. By the way, all of the above for some of the differences is not just for skiing but also for snowboarding!

Improperly selected gear - not only of money but also a threat to life and health

In the winter season increases the number of insurancecases that occurred with Russian tourists while relaxing on foreign ski resorts. These include first of all the medical and other expenses of tourists (89% of complaints), treatment-related flight delay (3%), damage or theft of luggage (3%), as well as - with phone calls (1%). Applications related to civil liability, accidents, trip interruption, breakage of sports equipment together accounted for 4%.

One of the most common injuries sustainedwhile winter sports are fractures of the upper and lower extremities. Such fractures may involve performing rescue operations on the ski slopes, and in some cases, and the challenge of the helicopter. This "specialized" health care and transportation of the injured to their homeland are expensive, and the usual insurance for traveling abroad, these expenses are not covered. On average, the cost of transportation to the ski slopes in Austria, Finland, Italy, France and Switzerland are from 200 to 500 euros. Evacuation helicopter will cost even more affected by a round sum - about 2,000 euros. That is why it is important to pre-purchase a special ski insurance to avoid huge expenses in case of injury.

Some Russian insurers, among whichincludes Intouch company, offering customers special offers and winter sports insurance. Polis from Intouch, for example, is useful because it provides around the clock support to its customers. It is specially designed for those who plan to spend an active holiday at a ski resort outside of Russia. The policy covers medical expenses up to 30 000 euros, insures sports equipment from theft or damage, compensates for the costs in the event of the closure of the slopes due to the weather. Also, the insurance contract by Intouch is suitable for submission to the European embassies to obtain a Schengen visa. In the event of an emergency, just call on the phone specified in the policy, and the Russian-speaking operators will organize necessary medical help or prompt course of action in a difficult situation.


  • We say "mountains" - mean the "skiing"

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