Tasman Sea - card photo. Tasman Sea Coast

Tasman sea

Tasman sea

Between New Zealand and Australia is locatedTasman Sea. If you do not take into account the coastal waters of Antarctica, the Tasman Sea can be called the most southern sea in the Pacific. This sea was opened in the 17th century. Dutchman Abel Tasman.

Coast of Australia and New Zealand separated from eachanother approximately 2,000 km. East of the Tasman Sea are some Australian states like New South Wales, Tasmania and Victoria. With the waters of the Indian Ocean, it is connected with the help of Bass Strait. The waters of Cook Strait sea combined with the Pacific Ocean. Map of the Tasman Sea makes it possible to see the largest island in the waters: Lord Howe, Tasmania, Norfolk, Bolles-Pyramids. Tasman Sea is deep. Its maximum depth (in the Tasman Basin) exceeds 6000 m.

Climatic conditions

The climate in the area of ​​the Tasman Sea a big impactprovides South Equatorial Current. It extends from the Galapagos Islands in the south-west of the Pacific Ocean. This stream is formed West Australian for defining the climate on the coast of the Tasman Sea near the Australian coast. The waters are often marked by strong wind blowing from the west and causing a storm. In January, the average temperature in the Sydney area is 22.5 degrees. In July, the temperature is about 13 degrees. The water has an average temperature of 9 (in the southern regions) to 27 degrees (in the northern regions).

Features of the Tasman Sea

In this water area is morelarge islands, most of which belongs to Australia. The oldest of them is the volcanic island of Lord Howe. It is part of New South Wales and is inhabited. The island is 16 square meters. km, it is home to no more than 350 people. The second largest Australian island is Norfolk. In the past, he served as a colony for criminals from Australia and England. The Tasman Sea is oblong coral reefs Middleton and Elizabeth. The coastal waters and islands inhabited by various representatives of fauna and flora.

Sea Reefs repeatedly summoned shipwreck. Next to them, sank a lot of ships. The waters are uninhabited rock-island. The largest rock is considered to Bolles, the Pyramids, whose height is 562 meters above sea level. Well-known object in the Tasman Sea is the island of the same name. Tasmania 240 km away from Victoria (Australia). They contain a large number of rare mammals.

Photos of the Tasman Sea

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