Top 10 entertainment on the beach

Top 10 entertainment on the beach

Top 10 entertainment on the beach

You already have a rest this summer? Yes? - Then this article will give you an opportunity to remember some moments of your vacation. No? - Then, for sure, your global plans will add a couple of ideas, and you will not forget to grab fins for diving in the swimming pool or binoculars for orienteering in okolobarnoy areas.

Summer, sun, sea ... - Three treasured words, after which on the face of every smile appears. Just imagine yourself on the beach, lying on the warm sand with a glass of fruit cocktail ... But no. Lying - obsolete variant of rest, which is widely used by our tourists, first came to Turkey. The beauty of the beaches and the unique environment around breathtaking, would faint and lie, lie, lie, enjoy the sounds of the sea, gentle sunshine and gentle warmth of the sand.
No, today this kind of rest quietlyobsolete. In place of his active tourism comes. However, as long as the mobile Turkish hotels will offer all your favorite "all inclusive" system, it is possible to implement active tourism and within the hotel.
Your attention we offer a rating of active entertainment that you can not enjoy coming to the hotel.

1. Jet

Fun for the fans to conquer the waves at high speed. No restrictions - only you, the sea and the speed. Importantly do not get too carried away and in time to notice the large approaching objects.

2. Volleyball

Classics of the genre. This sport is a pleasure not only to participate, but also to be a bystander :)).

3. Climbing

"Like this. Yeah, here. Keep here. More podtyaniiiis. And ... the top of Mount Everest? "-" No, girl, get down. You are already the second time this storm the wall. Your next record - Ararat "(and this we do not mean brandy).

4. Games in the pool

Lovers of fresh water is dedicated. On teriitorii pools more often than the sea it is possible to escape from the scorching afternoon sun, so to play, say, water basketball here at any time of the day. Also do not forget about the nearby all-inclusive bar.

5. Water Park

One of the most fascinating and at the same time the mostSafe active employment. There are three things that should be remembered and constantly verify their presence: the presence of your child in a nursery of the water park, the presence of your husband in okolobarnoy part of the water park, the presence of your bathing suit on your protruding parts after the steepest roller coaster water park.

6. pedalo

Probably one of the most romantic dates: sail away together for a few kilometers from the coast (as far as allowing your physical form), nestled in the open sea, when he was alone, and finally make her cherished Predozheniye. In this case the owners of hotels are usually sympathetic supply of volunteers who decided to bottle the wine. So go for it! Importantly, do not quarrel on the way, until you decide who pedals.

7. Riding on a banana

Difficult skaat who prefers this kind ofactivity: children or adults. But banana boating (who was aware) - is not constant 20 minutes of pleasure from flying splash, but the experience for the whole day from the memory of an accident crashed into tourists from Poland, who left the board at the first corner.

8. Surfing

Have you seen this goat-surfing? After such an outburst at half of our employees have a desire to nine remaining 4 days leave to go to his native Black Sea, and to prove again, that they also may be.

9. Parasailing

"I can see everything from above, you can be sure!"; new, coming from abroad, the sport quickly grew fond of our tour for the opportunity not only to soar over the waves, but also to control the route of movement of the boat.

10. Golf

Yes, you will not believe, but it is measured and calm to the mind game of golf has become the new Admire the view of the active entertainment.

In short, in our considered only the topPopular leisure activities offered at the hotel. But not everyone pyatizvezdnik can boast the presence of all the above options. Perhaps one of the few, the most advanced in this respect, Rixos Premium Tekirova, located in one of the most cherished of Turkey, is ready to offer entertainment to the most refined taste.
Rixos Premium Tekirova enablesin any sport, which may come to mind. This may be water, land sports or outdoor sports; if you wish, you can try yourself in tennis, soccer, golf, basketball and volleyball or maintain your fitness with the help of the most modern exercise equipment in the fitness center. Under the guidance of experienced trainers you get the opportunity to participate in sports activities or take lessons on interesting Bas sports.


  • Top 10 entertainment on the beach
  • Top 10 entertainment on the beach
  • Top 10 entertainment on the beach
  • Top 10 entertainment on the beach
  • Top 10 entertainment on the beach

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