Top 7 hazards that may be encountered skiers on the slopes

Top 7 hazards that may be encountered skiers on the slopes

Top 7 hazards that may be encountered skiers on the slopes

Skiing and snowboarding have been gainingmore and more popular, and some Russian resorts are very close to the famous European service. However, the newly minted skiers often returning home with injuries, unplanned expenses or a bad mood due to the fact that the holiday was spoiled sudden illness. On the one hand - easily and a pair of cones to learn winter sports impossible, but on the other hand - from the obvious threats to health and wallet it is possible to protect themselves.

We have compiled a list of hazards that can spoil the winter vacation, and tell how to avoid them.


You'd be surprised how often half-bakedskiers properly select and regulate sports equipment. Meanwhile, the ill-chosen and properly fastened skis and boots have become the cause of many injuries on the slopes.

What to do? Do not go in the hire of their own, if you are a beginner. Check out the theory of the Internet, and ideally take along an experienced instructor who will help you choose, adjust inventory and shows how to deal with clips and fasteners.


When the apparent convenience, lifts fraughtdanger. Improper boarding and disembarking from the lift threaten a variety of injuries and fractures. Some ski resorts staff helps skiers and snowboarders to get into the lift, and explains the basic rules of conduct. In fact there is nothing complicated - the main thing to observe safety precautions and do not miss the bus drop-off zone.

What to do? Complete detailed instructions, watch and remember how to sit down and go with the lift experienced skiers. Better the first time to ride a slope with more experienced friends.


The most important rule when choosing a route -focus on the level of difficulty and its capabilities. There is marked trails: the most simple and gentle are marked in green. Blue runs a little more complicated, but also suitable for beginners. On the red trail ride has experienced skiers and professional level and have many years of experience of skiers only allowed on the black. But we must pay attention not only to the labeling, but also on the state of the tracks, the number of people, snow quality - all this affects the level of danger of riding.

What to do? Again, it is better to listen to advice and instructorchoose to start the most simple and flat track. The people on the slopes of the entry-level is usually quite a lot, so try to stay away from the crowds and do not gain too much speed. Pay attention to the warning signs: "Danger» (Danger), «reduce speed» (Slow down), «Stones» (Boulders), «Rocks» (Cliffs), «closed circuit» (Closed).


The collision with different obstacles on the slope- One of the main reasons for the decline. Most often, these obstacles are other skiers, at least - the Christmas tree. Firs, it is desirable to drive around for a few meters and generally stay away from them. With increasingly unpredictable skiers. Many resorts have crossed the road, and the skier in front of you can dramatically slow down or fall, for sure, will lead a collision.

What to do? Keep your eyes open and stay on the slopesthe most attentive and collected. Some even recommend to give at the beginning of the player - still music reduces attentiveness. Collisions with other skiers - a fairly common problem, so insurance companies have become increasingly include in their packages for skiing "third party liability". That is, if you are with someone else run on the slope and - God forbid - inflict damage to another person's health insurance will cover it. This option is, for example, in the "Winter Sports" package from the company INTOUCH.


Alas, even the most fashionable and decentski resorts equipment theft - not a rarity. If you imagine how many there are skis, poles, snowboarding and all related equipment, you probably will not be delighted if they suddenly disappear.

What to do? First, never leave your equipment unattended. Secondly, again, look at the skiers insurance programs, which include equipment insurance against theft.

Sudden illness or injury

If you come from the city to the mountains, for sureWe felt that the air here is much colder than the one to which you are accustomed. However, many go riding with the first day. Often this ends with the man mows a cold, and all the remaining vacation days he spends in the accommodation temperature.
Same story with injuries - if you ask aroundacquaintances skiers, almost everyone will be able to recall the case as "Mitya came to the slope, broke his arm on the first day and was lying in bed, while the other rolled and having fun." Money spent on equipment rental, purchase and payment spipassov snowboard school in this case, you no one will return.

What to do? First, take care of yourself and not to break the slope intofirst day - let your body get used to the local climate. Secondly, at the beginning of rest is not necessary feats and stunts - in this case, injury is almost guaranteed. Pay attention to the insurance packages that will not only help you get quality health care, but also to compensate for the costs of those services that you could not take your wallet to insure against losses in the event of illness or injury.

Bad weather

Sometimes, the weather spoils all your plans. You have arrived at the resort, and all trails are closed due to bad weather conditions. Or, even worse, on the first day, everything was perfect, you paid ski pass and took the equipment rental, and tomorrow the slopes closed.

What to do? Obviously, in advance to study the weather forecast. Although, you know, that long-term forecasts do not guarantee anything. And not to be trapped with the costs due to the closure of trails, carefully study the offers of insurance companies - some offer compensation if your plans are to spend a weekend on the slopes spoiled by bad weather.


  • Top 7 hazards that may be encountered skiers on the slopes

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