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Samoa Tradition

Samoa Tradition

The island nation in the South Pacific, SamoaIt was the center of the formation of the culture of the Polynesians at the turn of the old and the new era. They participated in a constant rivalry for dominance in Oceania, and the majority of Samoan tradition was somehow related to the war between the tribes.

government Leader

The inhabitants of modern Samoa successfully retained theircustoms and culture. This is evident even in the system of political power. The Head of State of Samoa is on the title of "government leader". At the time of independence the country in 1962, they became one of the supreme leaders of the archipelago.
Tribal principle laid in the foundationthe administrative division of the country. Traditionally, Samoa, in every village home to several communities, and the head of the most influential of these controls and country. Each dozen villages in the county combined, headed by - the district chief. In the country there are quite modern political parties, it is a member of the UN, the WTO and many other distinguished public and financial institutions.

Chocolate empire

One of the main traditions of Samoa - growingcocoa. Plantations of agricultural crops occupy a large proportion of the area of ​​the islands. Produced cocoa beans are of excellent quality and are highly rated in the chocolate market. The main part of the resulting product is sent to New Zealand for confectioneries, where and processed in a first-class chocolate.
The second agricultural tradition Samoa - production of rubber. To work on the plantations of rubber trees here in the period of German colonization were brought thousands of workers from South-East Asia.

What are they, the Samoans?

For Europeans who came to Samoa, traditions andcustom locals seem undeniable exoticism. However, on closer acquaintance it turns out that the descendants of the ancient Polynesians are not alien to human values:

  • The vast majority of the inhabitants of the archipelago - Christians. Only a hundredth of Samoans atheists or belong to other faiths.
  • Relations between people on Samoa traditions based on mutual respect. It is assumed here to adopt orphans and adopt close relatives, and large and heavy work to carry out together.

Islanders love to adorn themselves with tattoos,which differ in men and the ladies. Samoans love music and dancing every islander tells the true story of his life and expresses itself.


  • Samoa Tradition
  • Samoa Tradition
  • Samoa Tradition

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