Holidays in Portugal in August: prices and weather. Where to rest in Portugal in August

Holidays in Portugal in August

Holidays in Portugal in August

Optionally, select the travel and vacationfamous resort in the world. In each country there are wonderful places, beautiful landscapes, interesting historical monuments. And the cuisine - one more reason to explore the culture of the country.

Holidays in Portugal in August, the tourists will appreciatebeach activities, enough warm sea water suitable for swimming and diving. And starting around harvest festivals allow to enjoy a local bottling Madeira, undoubtedly the best in the world.

Weather in August

Summer does not end there - sure of the guests,arriving at the Portuguese resort in the last month of summer. The average daily temperature in the resorts of the island of Madeira is kept at +26.5 ° C, nighttime +23 ° C, the water temperature is the same +23 ° C. In this August - one of the driest months of the year, so that the rest will not be overshadowed by clouds or rain.

Portuguese diving

Diving - another way to dovacation in Portugal varied and interesting. Since the weather and climatic conditions are favorable in August diving, wanting to go to the inhabitants of the underwater kingdom a lot.

Underwater scenery at the very coast of Portugalby beautiful grottos, caves, unusual landscapes. During the dive you can find many inhabitants of depths, including the blue marlin and barracuda, fish swallows and sailboats, octopus and moray eels.

Since this country was among the leaders of navigation in the Middle Ages, and the wrecks in the sea surrounding area is enough. This is another kind of interest for underwater research.

Madeira Wine Rally

This title was not a gastronomicholiday, and the most famous car race in Portugal. It is organized every year in early August. Members-drivers must demonstrate all their skills while racing against the backdrop of gorgeous scenery. Start is given in Funchal, where at the beginning of each competition traditionally picks up a glass of Madeira. It also returned the riders for the awards ceremony.

Monte Festival

In August, Christians celebrate birthdayVirgin. One of the largest events held in Madeira in Monte church and its surroundings. Locals and tourists joined them walk until the morning, in the holiday program of traditional songs, dances, Portuguese cuisine and drinks.

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  • Holidays in Portugal in August
  • Holidays in Portugal in August

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