204. 2 bedrooms? house on Bang Po for 19 thousand

Basic data

District: Bang Po
Type of housing: house
Distance to the sea: 10-20 minutes walk
Number of bedrooms: 2, bathrooms: 1
Rental price, baht / month: 19000
Host contacts: 0818957976

Pool: no
Internet: there is
Air conditioning: yes
Household appliances: fan, TV, refrigerator, gas stove, kettle


Internet, baht / month: 1000
Electricity, baht / unit: 7
Water: free
Deposit, baht: 10,000

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The house is separate, on its owngreen territory. Hosts live nearby. The house itself stands high on stilts, completely wooden, taistyle. According to the hostess, brand new, built at the end of 2013. Large living room and two spacious bedrooms. Air conditioning is only one. Located near the ring road, inside the ring, the place is quiet and peaceful. Go to the nearest beach on a bike for 2-3 minutes or go 10 minutes, but it’s better to go a little further 5-10 minutes, the bottom will be without stones. The router is right in the house.

Veranda combined with a porch, so the areaThe veranda itself is quite small. Under the house there is a tiled platform, in fact, another open floor where you can put something out of furniture. Downstairs under the house is a kitchen and a bathroom, why they are needed is not entirely clear, because the house itself also has a bathroom and a kitchen. Gas stove in the upper kitchen, but you can rearrange it if desired.

Its territory, 2 kitchens, a small veranda, there is hot water.
Book a home in advance: 5000 baht.
Cleaning once a week: 1000 baht.






There are no photos inside this house, since at the time of the shooting it was not yet removed after construction, but the interior decoration repeats house No. 203, which stands side by side (one owner).

Host Contacts:


204. 2 bedrooms? house on Bang Po

204. 2 bedrooms? house on Bang Po
2 bf, 19 000 baht / month
See the house

2 bf, 19 000 baht / mo View house

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