237. 1-bedroom house in Maenam for 16 thousand

Basic data

District: Maenam
Type of housing: house
Distance to the sea: 5 min walk
Number of bedrooms: 1, bathrooms: 1
Rental price, baht / month: 16000
Host contacts: 08-177-34-967 (a German named Helge)

Pool: no
Internet: there is
Air conditioning: yes
Household appliances: TV, refrigerator, gas stove, kettle


Internet, baht / month: 1000
Electricity, baht / unit: 6

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House with a small veranda close to 3 Soi.
The sea is three minutes away. You can get there through the picturesque avenue Miskawaan Villas
Near the house there are parking places, lawn, around a large private territory fenced, a garden with fruit trees. What is valuable - quiet at night and in the daytime around.
Inside: bedroom, kitchen, bathroom (there is hot water), living room of decent size.
There is no air conditioning in the living room, it is replaced by a ceiling fan.
From furniture: wooden king size bed, white leather sofa, two armchairs, cupboard.
Between the living room and the kitchen there is a dining area with a wooden table and chairs for several people.
Kitchen: full fridge, small tile for two comforters, table, cabinets.
The bedroom has air conditioning, as well as a large double bed and a nice new wardrobe.

In the backyard you can wash it - you can connect a washer - and dry your laundry. Empty room (can be used as a storage room).

The house has a fairly fast Internet (two providers to choose from) and cable TV.
Nearby is the Tongkra Nursery Kindergarten. To give a child for one day will cost 300-400 baht, about 5000 per month

The house can be rented or bought for 2.9 million baht.

Cons: a lot of mosquitoes inside and out.
There are problems with sewage - water in the bathroom and toilet bowl takes a long time. Perhaps it was a temporary problem. But it is worth checking before settling.







The object is taken from here - http://freesamui.com/

237. 1 bedroom house in Maenam

237. 1 bedroom house in Maenam
1 bw, 16 000 baht / month
See the house

1 bh, 16 000 baht / mo View house

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