3D gallery in Pattaya - selfie attraction for children and adults

Gallery of "three-dimensional" paintings or 3D Art inParadise is one of the most popular attractions in the center of Pattaya. What is the meaning of entertainment? In several spacious air-conditioned rooms, the walls and ceiling are painted with pictures that create the illusion of three-dimensional space. The 3D effect is often seen only in the photo, so the meaning of entertainment is to come up with the most fun way to fit into the picture and take a picture like that. If you are a fan of selfies and funny photos, you are right here. Just do not forget to check the battery level and the amount of free memory in the camera! In the gallery, the one and the other ends very quickly.

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3D gallery in Pattaya

The 3D gallery is the very first museum of its kind in Thailand. Although now it is quite a popular form of entertainment, as well as "turned houses", and they can be found in any country around the world.

The museum occupies several large halls with morethan a hundred paintings painted on the walls and ceiling. Each gallery hall has its own theme: tricks and tricks with perspective (when the illusion is created that one person is small and the other is gigantic), the underwater world, animals, classical art, dinosaurs, the ancient ruins of Ayutthaya, Egypt, etc. In the "3D picture" you can enter not only yourself but also friends. It will be even more interesting. You can be part of a famous painting, be a diver, kick a rhinoceros, walk on a plank over an abyss or walk with dinosaurs. At least in the photo.

The idea sounds pretty simple, but in the galleryEverything from children to pensioners is drawn in and gets a lot of pleasure and positive from the process. This is really a very fun activity - to be photographed in funny poses against the background of various funny situations. And suitable for any age and nationality.

3D gallery in Pattaya

3D gallery in Pattaya

3D gallery Art in Paradise

If you are a bit fed up with beaches, nightlife andIf you want to have a little fun, hiding from the scorching day sun or sudden rain, then this gallery is one of the most suitable options. The rooms are air-conditioned, not stuffy. And when there is no crowd of tourists, it is very comfortable. Here you can easily spend three hours, or even more, moving from room to room and taking pictures. The main thing is not to coincide with groups of tourists. Therefore, it is better to look here on your own, so as not to be limited in time and calmly consider everything, and not stand in a queue for the funniest picture to take a photo.

Gallery opened several years ago, but its"Exposure" is constantly updated and replenished. New paintings and attractions appear, so even those who have been here before will not be bored. Show some imagination and then you will get very realistic and unusual photos. There are many backgrounds, there are plenty to choose from, for every taste. In many paintings, traces indicate the place where it is best to get up. But you can experiment. At the very end there is a small room with small figures of people and ridiculous scenes, molded from polymer clay.

The peculiarity of the gallery is that it is necessary at the entrancehand in shoes and all liquid containers. This is necessary because the paintings are painted not only on the walls, but also on the floor, their shoes will quickly scratch and erase them. The top of the image is covered with a layer of glossy lacquer; if a liquid gets on it, the floor becomes very slippery. Therefore, any food and drinks inside the ban. But at the exit for the afflicted there is a small cafe.

But it is better to come to the gallery not toempty stomach, and then all the halls of enthusiasm may not be enough. And they are the farther, the more interesting! So in the very first it is better not to linger, they are just simpler, but to go further, the most exciting thing there.

Sometimes called 3D Museum in Pattaya

Sometimes called 3D Museum in Pattaya

And don't forget that you owe someonetake pictures. So go to the gallery by a company of at least two people, otherwise you will have to ask someone to photograph you all the time. With friends it will be more fun and the photos will turn out better. Especially if you dream up a little, inscribing yourself in the background.

It is advisable to take a camera with you better, because the lighting in some places is not enough for bright high-quality photos on the phone.

Information to visit

Opening hours from 09.00 to 21.00.

Ticket price: 400 baht.

Life hacking! We buy tickets cheaper - for 300 baht. To do this, go to the site Klook and buy a ticket online there at a discount. The voucher will come to the email, it will have to be shown at the box office on the phone screen.

Ticket in 3D gallery for 300 baht>

In travel agencies you can buy a ticket with a transfer.from the hotel there / back for 500-700 baht. To take or not to take is up to you. If you do not have a rented vehicle (bike or car), then such an excursion may be more profitable, as a taxi is expensive. Or use public tuk-tukami, they are cheap, and buy tickets for my life hacking.

Excursion price>

If you do not want to walk through the halls barefoot, then take socks.

Time to visit lay at least an hour. And if you get involved in the process, then you can safely stick for 3 hours.

Download the Art in Paradise mobile app, it will be useful to you in the museum, the paintings will “come to life”.

Getting there

Located in the center, near the circle withdolphins and north streets. In the area of ​​Second Beach Road in the center. Approximately between Tiffany Show and the Central Marina Shopping Center, in a side street. On the same side as Central Marina.

Exact address: 78/34 Pattaya Sai 2 Rd

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3D Museum Art in Paradise

3D Museum Art in Paradise
An interesting place where you can take pictures with voluminous paintings, for lovers of selfies.
Read more.

3D gallery in Pattaya

An interesting place where you can take pictures with voluminous paintings, for lovers of selfies. In more detail.

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